Tandem t-slim 2X, charging port cover?

Anyone else hate the rubber charging port cover on the T:slim pump? Ive had mine all of 6months, but already that flap of rubber won’t stay closed. Bad design? Or is it just the one I got?

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Did you try calling customer service? I think they are replaceable but not positive.

We have had no problems with the cover for the USB port on our t:slim X2. Over a year so far.

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Call customer support and they will send you a two pack of them at no cost.

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I do dislike the rubber cover, to the point with my first T-Slim I removed it and did not have one for more than a year. They are replaceable, and Tandem will send a two pack under warranty.
One other complaint would be when my BG is low or high, I find it difficult(and very frustrating) to plug the charging cable into the port. Seems as though a revision to the port would help.
Perhaps a"ramp" to guide the plug into the port could help.

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I assume the Tandem next gen hardware platform (t:sport) will be USB-C.

USB-C (on the left) vs Micro-B USB

Thanks so much, everyone! I will call customer support to get the new ones. I too have trouble plugging the thing in at times. Nice how my iPad plug fits either way. I wish my pump usb cord did.

Right! A symmetrical one!

I would definitely prefer the USB-C connection. I have it on my phones now, and it is a lot nicer!
I thought about pulling the cover off, but I can’t stand dust getting in the USB port.
It gets finicky at times, but I would rather have it on than leave it off.

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lol - Yeah. That wouldn’t go over well here.

And just to avoid any misunderstanding. That was total guess work on my part about the t:sport having a USB-C. I really have no idea. Just what I would put on it if I was on the design team. And the design team for Tandem seems pretty darn good.

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I have trouble plugging in the charge cord always, no matter blood sugar level.

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Funny, yesterday I mentioned to my wife how deaf Tandem is to customer input, and the cover was the reason this time. Most of the time it’s the $#@+¥}¶∆π beeping at the same tone for events I already know about; e.g., I just spiked my basal to 250% 5 minutes ago, why beep to tell me what I already know? Or the screaming beeps and vibration when filling the pump?

The material used is much too hard and quickly dries out. One cover barely lasts 3 months in Arizona. A move to a more flexible material would make sense and actually save Tandem cost. But good luck getting anyone there to listen to a customer!

My wife works for Dexcom & I love their CGM. But I hate the X2 and will dump it in 1.5 years when I am eligible for a paid replacement. Back to Medtronic for me. I’ll stay with Dexcom, but dump Tandem.


I agree about the durability of the port cover. They do sell pairs on their web site for, I think, $15. Here’s a tip: when you open the cover, rather than fold it back 270 degrees, lift it till it clears the port, then rotate on the point where it fastens, so the cover is against the back of the pump. It stays there, it’s out of the way, and there is almost no bending.

I’m waiting for a prescription for my G6/BasalIQ update.


The issue isn’t that the hinge portion breaks, rather the actual USB cover piece gets extremely hard and no longer slips over the USB port. It’s cheap material and poorly matched with this application.

Okay, fair enough. Mine broke before it stopped working. This tip will help with that.

Even if the cover is missing is the pump still waterproof for the allowed time?

Yep. It’s just a dust cover. Nothing to do with water resistance.

Interesting. I was pretty sure the cover was necessary for the waterproofing. At least on my old one (received right after the X2 first came out), you could even see some circuit board when the cap was open. Looking at the port on my new one (received at the end of last year) just now, it looks a little different and does look like it is sealed more inside. The port on the old one was also a little wonky from the get go. Difficult to get the charge cable in unless it was perfectly angled and aligned (you could forget being able to plug it in without looking), and the dust covers never seemed to close properly or all the way. New one is far easier to get the plug in and the cover closes perfectly.

@ anon87065551

If the alarms on TSlim annoy you, youre going to be sorely disappointed with a Medtronic. Fair warning.

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I took the cover off to use a magnetic charger. The adapter keeps dust out of the port.

Came here to see if anyone knew if that would affect the waterproofing.

Hi! I’d forgotten about this thread. I don’t know about the effect on water-proofing, but I’m curious about the magnetic charger? What is it and where did you get it?

As for the cover, I gave up, quit using one. Seems ok, though I don’t wear it in water.