Hubby does not get it

I was barbecueing chicken and decided to make a boxed rice with it, because my husband loves it and he often does not get to eat it because of me, but…

…when he finished off making dinner and added corn to the mix for a veggie, I wanted to chop off his head. Man o man last time I think of poor him and no rice. :wink:

I would have never chosen corn along with the rice, perhaps green beans, grrrrr, he so does not pay attention or get my disease.

Diabetes is a lonely disease.

Gotta agree with you on this one! My hubby ALWAYS wants the stuff I can’t eat with his meat (that’s another thing I really don’t have to have but well ya know). He don’t get this either and I’ve been married to him ( or sometimes when he makes me so mad I can’t stand him…the MORON yep I’ve called him that too) for 24 years on the 29th of this month. I said it to someone else maybe he just dosen’t think it will happen to him. Wanna a serent ( ok can’t spell it but I hope you know what I mean) I cook what I want and if he likes any of it he can eat but if he wants anything else HE HAS TO COOK IT!!!

Hi Karen,
I really know what you mean on this. Since my diagnosis, my husband is always asking me “you want some of this” whether it is his pancakes and syrup on the rare occasion we go out for breakfast or his cake and ice cream or his chocolate candy. He is also demanding to know what my BG readings are when he sees me checking it. And he is persistant when someone else is around. And if I am in the least bit of trouble and especailly need help, he runs in the opposite direction. I haven’t had a lot of crashs, but I have had a few. He is truly no help when this happens. My daughter tells me not to get upset. She says he just panics. I wish I had an easy out like that. I have tried talking to him about this, but he just says I take things too seriously. HELLO>
I have told him I don’t want him to try to figure out how much insulin I need in each shot. I do that. I have asked him not to tell people I don’t like somethng I am severely allergic to, so they pile it on my plate anyway, because it is “good for me” And I have asked him not to tell people I can’t go somewhere because I am too sick, because i am “diabetic”. I really don’t know what to do with him. I wish there were classes to send him to for some help for him. He won’t go to any diabetic meetings. I keep telling him that as long as I get meals and my insulin, I am fine, just like any other person. it isn’t like we don’t have two type 1 kids and two prediabetic grandchildren. And there are a number of other family members who are diabetic also.
If anyone has some suggestions, i am really open for them.

LOL! Sounds like my Husband the first few months of my DX! LOL my husband was in Iraq when I found out I was a diabetic. When he came home he didn’t complain and I helped teach him. LOL almost 4 yrs later he understands alot but he is still a little confused when it comes to insulin…LOL! He told me the sweetest thing the other night. He said he was glad I found a place to be able to talk and learn about my diabetes. He said I wasn’t alone and had people to talk to! If it wasn’t for Manny crreating such a good place for us I would be a diabetic loaner.

It is not just hubby (and truly he is a good guy), it is all my family members and I have been this way for 41 years, so it is not new to any of them.

I told my sister the other day I was low and that is why I was not making sense, and she said “come on”, grrrrr.

It frustrates me as they do not know how hard it is for me to make it through the day especially with tighter control. It is so hard for me to get from point A to point B. I think they all think it is just a matter of pushing buttons. Just now I had another low because I did some sit-ups too soon after eating my lovely rice and corn. :wink: I ate my 15 carbs tested again and still low and just had a yogurt, so there goes my weight loss plan out the door and totally forbides me from an evening walk or bike ride, well besides it being pitch black. :wink:

Well I know you all know this, it is just hard to get the non diabetics to truly understand without us whining, like I am doing now.

My biggest frustration is when my best friend states it is bad for all us when I eat something I know I should totally avoid, that just makes me cringe, yeesssss, it is bad for all of us, but you won’t pass out from a low from over bolusing, or destroy your eyes and kidneys from the high you might create, ahhh!!!

We really HAVE to have a place where we can whine if we need to. I am a firm believer in that. My youngest sister is my best whining board. Her husband is a type 1 and she really gets it. She really works to make his food safe for him and really has to watch everything and even remind him to let her trim his toenails and take care of his feet. Sometimes I feel like a terrible complainer because she really goes out of her way to stock up her husband’s truck with snack foods, special water and healthy nutritional foods for him to eat while he is on a trip.
I have to cook two separate meals each day for meal times here. My husband will eat nothing but fish and rice and salads. Occasionally he eats other vegetables and some fruits, but nothing that my daughter and I eat. We eat low carb and wheat and gluten free, with absolutely no added sugars. But my daughter does not criticise me if occasionally I want to eat a cookie. When we go grocery shopping, I pretend there are “Do not eat me” signs up over certain things. My daughter teases me when we go in the store and asks me where my signs are today. I always put one in my mind up above the donuts and the bagels. And because I have to follow a renal diet too, I usually have a sign up above the bananas and the potatoes. Lately I have had a sign up above those wonderful smelling fresh pineapples too.
If my labs keep doing a little better each week I think I may get one banana and maybe one peach this week. But my daughter who is fructose intolerant can never have any of the good things like that. There are things I really want so much, but my daughter can never have a lot of stuff she really likes. So then I have to wonder why I am whining. She may not be diabetic yet, but she is even more restricted in her foods than I am.
So then I have to take a good hard look at me and remember that i really am alright and there are so many thngs i am fortuante to have,. I deeply appreciate my sister and my daughter who understands so well and all of you on here who let me just rant and rave about stuff too. Thank you to all of you and to Manny. I really appreciate the chance to blow off a little steam tonight.

Karen sounds like you’ve been living my life with these ppl…Don’t you just love it when they say eat until the lows over (bad advise to me when I get something loaded in carbs and really full of sugar!) then you top out at like…well lets be nice and say 450? HA!!!

Hey Saundra,

He sounds like my hubby and to tell ya’ the truth I don’t think if they had classes for that he would go…Maybe they should have them and make it MANADATORY for anyone who has to live with a diabetic go to them!!! We have a daughter who’s a Type 1 here along with me too but then again we have a healthy one too so he just continues to eat and drink what he wants! For example I have 2 tea jugs in my house 1 for him (with sugar in it) and 1 for me (plain tea will put sugar substute in a glass if I want it) It’s been that way for almost 24 years and will probably always will…

My hubby would laugh his booty off if I suggested he take a class. Let me paint a picture for all of you. He’s 34, 6’4", 285, high school and college TACKLE, holds our high school football record for QB sacks and tackles in a regular season. When he’s had a tough day and comes home, the only thing second to sex that puts a smile on his adorable face is a great meal. And I love to cook. My kitchen is MINE, it’s my therapy after a bad day. 12 years ago when we were newlyweds, I was in complete denial of my diabetes and cooked anything and everything for dinner. We both gained a lot of weight. Then I got my poop together and made some changes. I only have diet soda and Crystal Lite Lemonade in the fridge. I also only buy the low carb orange juice. No sugar filled snacks in the pantry to pack in the kid’s lunch boxes. Actually, our two kids prefer the fruit juice sweetened fruit snacks to the other ones. I convinced him a few years ago to try using Splenda in his iced tea instead of sugar. His stubborn brain resisted, until his taste buds and tummy couldn’t tell the difference.

Our kitchen isn’t perfect by any means. And please don’t take my post as I’m better than you. In fact, if I had it my way, my kitchen would be stocked full of white bread, sourdough rolls, every type of pasta you could imagine, huge baking potatoes, and an endless supply of corn on the cob. Fresh corn on the cob is my strongest weakness. In a few weeks, I won’t be able to drive one block around town without finding a farmer selling fresh picked Illinois peaches and cream corn on the cob. So, what I’ll do is grill pork chops or chicken breasts or maybe salmon and corn. That’s it…just the corn. Then I’ll bolus like a banchee for all of the carbs in the corn. But you know what…it will be SOOOOOOOO worth it.

The beauty of my hubby and me changing our eating habbits early in our marriage is this. As our kids have grown, they rarely complain. I don’t forbid sweets in the house, but they are kind enough to think of me. The kids and my husband know that I can’t resist temptation, so if it’s not in the house, it makes it easier to not miss it. Especially since I’m a pastry chef by trade. Ugggghhhh