Humalog --how long, in your experience, does it stay active?

I’m estimating, for me, about 3 hours. But there are mitigating circumstances, such as exercise, that could affect that. What have you experienced? Thank you!

Sorry…I’m sure this question has been asked before.

I estimate about 4 hours with a sharp drop-off after 3 hours. I use a 30/30/30/10 rule of thumb and expect that the dose will knock down my post-meal spike by the 1 hour 30 min mark.

for me four me

2 hours

3 1/2 - 4 1/2 hrs for me… I would think the exercise though is more related to using the carbs for fuel instead of making the humalog work faster. For me, I sometimes find it necessary to adjust the timing of my injection because of other elements in my meal such as fat content which seems to make food take longer to peak.

4 1/2 hrs. for me. Sometimes 5 hrs.

4 hours, but very low effectiveness past about 3.5

mine just slammed me 150 pts. in 1/2 hr! On top of food.