Humalog pharmacokinetic profile not match your experience with it?

Something that’s been on my mind recently and with my nephew having to swtich from Novalog to Humalog soon (insurance will no longer cover Novalog), decided to research the commonality of something I observed when I first got my CGM and was on Humalog.

The normal “curve” of Humalog is relatively close to Novalog in the lab, however, I noticed that I was taking a LOT of insulin to cover my carbs and according to my CGM, it was dead on. However, then at about 5 hours where Humalog is supposed to be next to nothing, the “overdose” taken 5 hours earlier to meet my carb needs kicked in and dropped my blood glucose (time of day was near dinner and at the time it was being hidden). Upon discovery, tested/verified that at rest vs. active vs time of day, etc. didn’t impact it). Wondering, anyone else notice or experience this? Wondering how my nephew might run into this sharing ~25% DNA and it’s clear he shares some of mine considering he has T1D.

There are sooo many variables that influence the response curve of an insulin that it’s difficult verging on impossible to draw safe conclusions about one single factor. A given insulin can behave differently

  • Under different environmental (climate) conditions
  • With different meals (high carb vs. low carb)
  • From day to day depending on how it has been stored
  • According to the user’s current insulin sensitivity, which can vary based on things like stress, illness, pregnancy, weight, and so on.
  • Etc.

On top of which, a given insulin can behave differently for different people. For instance, I can’t use Humalog at all, but the other insulins work just fine. So how it works for the person next to you may or may not be exactly how it works for you. As with everything else in diabetes, trial and error is the only way to get answers you can rely on.

I have been switched a couple times, currently on Novolog. Use slightly less Novolog, and it is slightly faster to kick in, particularly for bolus. Basal was about the same.

All, thank you for your advice, input, etc. which I tried to share was already taken into consideration but it seems that no one else has experienced, even close, this delayed spike/curve. Thank you.