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Hi all, i’m a type 1 since 1979. I’m still on needles, lantus plus sliding scale with humalog. Dexcom cgm has helped me so much! I’m not the best at control, my a1cs are almost always at 8. My last one was 6.8 though, this was a huge achievement for me! I’ve struggled a little to understand why my body responds so differently to novolog vs humalog. I need about 2x more humalog than novalog, the onset is delayed for me and the duration is longer than anticipated. I’ve always been slim. But have learned there are times when i am insulin resistant at night and early am. Nothing new, just differences in diurnal insulin action. Looking forward to others experiences though! My blood sugar is crazy today, i’m trying to knock myself down from 275. Usually this takes about 6u humalog for me on compensation. But 6u did not work for me this am. I don’t know if i should shoot again or wait. Hate being this high, like it’s a liver dump or something! Wish me luck!

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