Husband Hospitalized

I’m fairly new here… I have my one introductory thread and I’ve read on and off finding insightful information from so many experienced people here. Though truthfully, life has been so busy, I haven’t had too much time to be here.

I return because I was hoping someone had experienced this and had advise or at least could tell me what to expect.

My husband has had HORRIBLE swelling/edema (over 50 lbs gained since June), sores on his legs from the swelling (cracking) and an ulcer that hasn’t gone away since July. Since the end of summer… he’s gotten worse and worse. He went in to his GP on Thursday and he sent him to the hospital. Specifically for cellulitus in/on his lower legs and to treat the wounds.

They xray’d his foot (one giving him problems and the ulcer is on it)… it came back inconclusive. So… today he had to get a ‘scan’ of his foot. Bad news… the infection is in the BONE. So… loads of antibiotic via the iv and his “Maybe I’ll get out today or tomorrow” changed to “4 to 6 weeks” or “home with an IV after a week or so”.

He’ll know more tomorrow after he speaks to the ‘infectious disease dr’ and they identify the specific infection.

Wondering if anyone has experienced this and can tell me what could be going on…


Afraid I don’t have firsthand experience to offer, but wanted to offer support. Know you’re very worried.

Thanks Gerri!! Worried… for sure. I just started researching and I’m sick to my stomach now. It’s overwhelming. Probably should just go to bed but it’s tough when he’s not here. :frowning: Our 6 yr old fell asleep on the couch so I think I’m going to drag him into bed with me soon.

Dear reneeboys …what a struggle …I don’t know what to say …you and hubby are in my thoughts …please bed down if you can !

Thanks… thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Drank some tea… maybe that will make me tired… what I really want is someone to cry to though… I’ve held it in all day and I feel so alone. :frowning:

I can imagine how frantic & anxious you feel. Please don’t hold it in. Not as good as having the comfort of someone to cry to, but you deserve a good cry.

Yes, cry , cry , cry …I am crying with you , believe me .
Anyone in your circle of friends , fam. members , others as in a councillor, Minister etc. that will listen and/or hold you ??

I am. I’m a strong person. Always positive. Always motivating. But you gotta wonder how people do it… I still feel so alone. All day I was going through my day thinking… “Don’t they know what I’m going through right now???”

My 10 yr old got “in trouble” in lunch for talking and he broke down and got angry b/c others weren’t punished and his table was… I want to go in and scream at those lunchladies to cut the freaking kid some slack… his dad’s in the hospital and we’re just doing what we can!!! UGH!!

It’s so hard being strong. :frowning:

I missed your introductory post, but I just wanted to say I am thinking of you and your husband.

And I agree with the others, have a good cry if you need to.

Thanks Jen!!

This was my “first post”…

I am… sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers. I have a couple close friends who I can dump on… but not at midnight… so… you guys “understand” (on some level).


Yes… I have people… thankfully. But it’s so difficult since the kids are so often around… I am monitoring my level of “concern” and “seriousness” when they’re in earshot… they KNOW it’s serious but I don’t want to stress them out any more than they already are.

BUT… truthfully… I feel guilty crying to people. Don’t want to burden others.

Good grief in trouble for talking at lunch!

Is hard being the strong one because no one can be strong & positive all the time. People assume the strong don’t need support & help. Something I’ve learned is that you have to tell friends/family what you need when you need it. They’re not mind readers when you’re putting on a brave face. No shame in telling people how you feel.

You’re right about being “strong and positive all the time”… just doesn’t work. And true about mind readers, a friend texted the other night and asked how I was… I said “Great”… he said, “stop being sarcastic, you’re allowed to not be okay”. He was so right.

That’s a good friend.

Ahh… the ‘don’t burden others’ thing, I know it well :slight_smile: I’ve learned through many trials that it’s actually a gift to others. You real friends/family know you’re hurting, and really will feel better if you tell them how you really feel, cry, whatever. The people who care want to help. It’s a gift to allow them to. The lesson for me was learning to ask for help, and accept it gracefully. Not easy for strong women, but it’s made me even stronger.

Hope you get some sleep!

Very sound words of wisdom. I’m sure you’re right and I’ll keep that in mind in the days to come when I’m humbled by the kindness of friends and family and say, “yes, I need help.” Thank you…

Hi Reneesboys. I just woke up and read this discussion. I hope you were able to get some sleep. Thoughts and prayers going out to you and your boys. Stay strong. Joanne

reneesboys, I just read your post and I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. I have a story that is similar yet so very different.

My wife and youngest daughter drove me to the hospital in 2005 with a temperature of 103.5. When they go me in the ER they asked for a urine sample. I couldn’t give them one so they put in a catheder and got it that way. I remember so little about the first several days. Seems that I had an infection in my left leg that went ceptic. Once it got in my blood it started shutting organs down. Kidneys, liver both took a vacation. The doctors were not hopeful at all. Had my wife gather the family “just in case”. After three days in the hospital I finally came around. When I was aware I noticed I had an IV in each arm and 5 bags of antibiotics and 1 bag of normal saline. My kidneys and liver finally started functioning again and after 2 weeks in the hospital I was released. The infection left my legs so weak that it took me nearly a month to be able to walk. Lots of rehab.

I know this is going to scare you. Scares the hell out of me just thinking about it and that was 6 years ago. If your hubby is awake and alert I do think all will be okay. They just need to find the right antibiotic or coctail of antibiotics that will kick this bugs butt. I don’t evy you having to do this with small children. But I also believe in inner strength. A power we don’t even know we have. I believe that you will find that power and that you will come through this.

Keep writing to all of us so we can keep praying and sending good thoughts.


Thanks Joanne… I did sleep… could use a few more hours though now. :slight_smile: Sleep brings strength for another day.

THANK YOU for sharing your story (scary though it is). Glad you kicked that infection and got the right treatment.

I’m hoping they’ll have a better idea of the “treatment plan” today. I think it’s not knowing that is part of what is MOST stressful. At least once we know what’s going on… we’ll be able to plan better and see the long term picture (when he’ll come home and feel better).

Sleep brings strength. I’m good right now. I may need my nights to rejuvenate.

Thanks to all the wonderful people here who’ve lent me an ear.