Hyperglycemia awareness

So we hear a lot about hypo awareness but what about hyper awareness.
I have stronger symptoms of high sugars than low.
Firstly my jaw starts to get tense and feels weird.
Then I get a sort of whole body tingling.
Of course the urine train starts, but for some reason I need to pee really bad but there is almost nothing in my bladder.
Then if I stay high then I start peeing like a horse.

If I let it go a long long time then I get sick to my stomach. Vomit dizziness

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For me, I no longer have much hypo awareness. For hyper awareness, I get the tingly feeling that you describe … but probably not until about 350 mg/dL.

Long ago, I could do a pretty good job of guessing my BG by “feel” … but no more. Thank you CGM, you have changed my life!!!

Stay safe!



I actually have more hypo awareness now than I did when I was younger. As for hyper awareness…it varies.

For whatever reason, sometimes I feel perfectly normal at a high bg, and other times I don’t. If it gets too high I will always feel it and I will feel sick to my stomach and almost…weighed down? Like my limbs are heavy. For “normal” highs, I get a feeling that I just can’t describe, but I know it when I feel it. I just feel “high”…which of course would be taken in a completely different way if I said that outside of this community. :slight_smile:


The only high symptom I’ve ever felt is thirst. And even that I question. I’m thirsty almost all of the time anyway so I’m never really sure if that can be attributed to the high either. My blood sugar was 600 at diagnosis and I felt perfectly fine.

I do feel lows, but not consistently or early enough for it to be very useful.

I never feel highs and would have to be quite high to feel thirsty. I can’t remember the last time I felt thirsty. I do still feel lows, but not with hunger or sweating. More just an odd weak feeling, that I can’t really describe.

I guess I’m the only one with this jaw thing. I don’t think I’ve met another tight jaw diabetic.
Now I feel special


Until four years ago, I was always on a terrible rollercoaster, still using R/NPH. Had no complications, though, and could reliably tell you exactly what my BG was without testing. I could just feel everything. I almost never felt ill when high, it was more like just dehydrated.

Now that I’m living below a 6 A1c, I have ZERO tolerance for highs. My stomach turns sour around 200. If I get up to like 250, my thigh muscles seize. They’re so painful and I can’t walk.

And it’s been this way since before I was diagnosed, but if I’m high, my bladder is like clockwork. I HAVE to pee every hour on the hour, no exceptions.


I don’t seem to ever feel a high. In the earlier years I could hit 450 and never feel a thing. I think it’s been a few years since I even went over 300 so I don’t know if it’s different now. But I did hit 256 the other day while snorkeling and never felt bad. I was probably higher as that was on the Libre which seems to always have a lower number than I am actually at.

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This is an interesting post. I don’t know if we have ever discussed this.

  • I first can taste the hyper. Its the taste you get when you eat a candy bar before bed and dont brush your teeth. It the taste of ‘old’ sugar.
  • Also generalized weakness/lightheadedness (sometimes), thirst/cotton mouth, nausea, excessive urination, tiredness…all the classics.
  • I have known people who reported being able to ‘smell it on me,’ but I think that is a bit rare, at least to be able to recognize the scent.

I have never experienced the ‘jaw thing,’ or the muscle seizing.