Unconventional symptoms

I wonder if anyone here has unconventional symptoms of high or low sugar.

I get a stiff jaw from high sugar. I've never heard anyone else get this, But it is always correct. I think my jaw is connected to the spill point at 170 exactly.
{ anyone who wants to use the JAW-SPILLPOINT theory as a doctoral thesis, can simply credit me in the paper :) }

I generally get all the usual symptoms too. My hands smell like Kool-aid when it gets over 200. I think sometimes spouses can notice things that we don't.

We could make a list of atypical symptoms and submit it to the ASCP( American Society of clinical pathology) or ACP ( American College of Psychians) OR any countries organizational groups.
Or just for fun.

I get all kinds of crazy stuff. The mental is usually worse then the physical especially when trending low. The strange thing to me is nothing is 100% consistent. Generally I only feel well when in between 80-90 though I have been caught off guard with some highs here and there and though I didn't feel great and really couldn't notice much. A few weeks back I slipped down to 40 and was perfectly fine. That was a real strange one. Usually when I am running elevated I get this pressure feeling throughout my body that makes me feel like my body want's to explode. Like the extra glucose is trying to get out but it can't. I get wicked irritable from it. When I was younger the only symptoms I remember having from highs was constant thirst urination and wicked dry mouth. I almost don't even get those anymore. I would trade my symptoms for a stiff jaw any day of the week.

i only noticed my 'super highs' in sport because thats often when i have spiked myself too much. As i have mentioned before, i get 'weak'. I have no power output for swimming, cycling, running or anything which makes me exert.
The lowest i have been is 2.7. I felt a lack of power again but worse, because I also feel a lack of technique/form, a bit doughy, slightly panicked.
Highs and lows only come to me during sport or, stress, which can shoot me up to 13mmol without anything done differently in my routine.

I get numbness/tingling in my face/lips and sometimes a strange sharp pain in my jaw line if I press the side of my tongue against my teeth when I'm low. I have only recently heard other people also describe numbness/tingling in their face. But in the past I have been told by endos that this was odd.

When I'm high, I get a very specific crushing/pressure feeling at the top of my head. It almost feels like my brain is filling up with fluid or something and pressure is building. I usually start to feel it when I reach 200, and it gets worse the higher I get.

My jaw gets stiff when my blood sugar drops. My wife notices because I make funny faces. I lick my lips awkwardly, and my hands curl up. Those are the first outward signs that others notice.

Does anyone get acid reflux when they are high?

For one year prior to my T1 diagnosis I had two consistent symptoms which I now connect to high blood sugar. The first was a weird bad taste which would come in the back of my throat/mouth. It's almost like I could taste and smell it and it was foul. The second symptom was a dry chronic cough. I attribute the second symptom to dehydration. Anyhow, I can tell now if I get too high when I get a taste in my mouth or a cough. I also get tingling in my hands and toes.