Hypnosis for Diabetes?

I found this article from a Google alert:


I find it interesting and think that hypnosis can help with bad habits such as food choices, medication non-adherence, lack of exercise, etc… My father quit smoking cold turkey with one session after 45 years.

Anyone ever thought about using hypnosis?

I have thought about it, but do not know where to get more information. I think it would be an excellent diabetes management tool for those of us who know what we should do, but just cannot seem to do it.

I am both a type 1 diabetic (40 years)and a hypnotist/hypnotherapist, and YES, it makes for a measurable improvement.

I would do so if the damn insurance would pay–but mine don’t. :frowning:

Dear Alex. Sounds a reasonable thing to try. I have hear that some people are susceptible and others are not. I dont think that it is considered mainstream so one may have to pay out of pocket.