Hypoglycemia help please

I have a family member who is hypo. He is early 20's and otherwise physically in good shape.He has not been DX'd and is reluctant to go for testing. He is however, researching and learning all he can, but says he doesn't want to know all the bad news. He has not had his A1c checked, but he does test some. His FSB is typically about 40, even though he eats before going to bed. He is being careful with his diet and is tracking what he eats.

The reason for my post is to hear any personal insights anyone may have with this problem. Also, are there any web / book resources that deal with hypoglycemia that you are familiar with? Any input or links would be greatly appreciated.

Some people have Reactive Hypoglycemia where they eat a high carb meal, go high and then crash low. If your family member eats before going to bed that could be what is happening, especially if what he eats is high carb. I don't have any links, but I'm sure you/he can google hypoglycemia and gets lots of info.

Here is my thought though. Waking up at 40 is mega-dangerous! He could not wake up at all! Does he understand that? If so, he might be more motivated to go to a doctor ASAP, get an A1C but that might be inconclusive (look normal). So he shouldn't take "oh you're fine" as a conclusion, but pursue further testing. An OGTT might also be useful to test his reaction to high carbs. Avoiding bad news doesn't make it go away! (I know you know that).

Thanks Zoe. Yes, I am painfully aware of the ignorance is bliss falicy. It does sound like he is beginning to understand the carb concept. He is eating a peanut butter sandwich before bed. Don't know what kind of bread though. We are encouraging him to try a higher protien snack too. Hopefully he will learn rnough shortly to realize how much some testing will help him manage this.

He needs to get checked pronto. That could be the sign of a pancreatic tumor or some other endocrinological related condition. He needs to determine the source of his hypoglycemia first.

I had severe hypo just before the onset of type 1 diabetes, I was 21.
My legs would go numb for no reason. I would get all the classic signs of hypo, but I didn't know what it was.

I went to the Doc and was diagnosed as hypoglycemia. They told me to eat small meals all the time. Then a month later I was diagnosed with type 1.

Apparently it is common to have a roller coaster like that just before the pancreas gives up the ghost. When you sugars go high your body can over react to it.

I believe this can happen in type 2 as well.

Thanks everyone. Keep those cards and letter coming in! I particularly appreciate the real life experience like Tim has shared. I want to be able to make this very "real" for him. And to provide some resources he may not find himself. Thanks again.

Don't know if this will help, but here goes. I was hypogylcemic my entire life, until diagnosed T1. Those lows weren't as bad insulin lows because the drop was slower, but I'd become ravenous, feel weak & sometimes got a headache. Soon as I ate, I felt better. I carried nuts, seeds & cheese with me for protein & ate frequently. My mother said I became intolerably cranky as a little kid & would be normal as soon as she gave me something to eat. No doctor ever told me this was of concern. I mistakenly assumed as long as BG wasn't high, it was ok. So not ok!