Hypoglycemia is my arch nemesis

My c-peptide and A1C have been really good this year. But my hypoglycemia has been just as bad and consistent as ever. My doctor suggested that I am extremely sensitive to grains and that I should completely cut them out of my diet. So, I have (with the rare exception.)

About a forty-five minutes ago I had a serving of peanut-butter (a go-to protein source for me,) and was feeling good. It's about bedtime and I was figuring it would be my last food for the night. Then half hour later I was shaking like I hadn't in a long time and my bg was 70. (Which I know it just the beginning of dropping.)

Yikes, guys...I just need to be able to get through the day without moments like this.

A good doctor to recommend avoiding grains. Noticed on your page that you don't use insulin. Not uncommon to have reactive hypoglycemia as a result of high carb meals. Have you tried eating small, frequent, higher protein meals? That often helps keep BG more level rather than eating large meals.

Hypos are horrible.

If you just had a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter, that doesn't seem to carby. Protein does generate an insulin response and if you do have hyperinsulimia, you can generate an insulin response before the protein starts to even get turned into glucose. So Reactive Hypoglycemia (RH) can happen with protein. As Gerri notes, the best advice for managing RH is to avoid high carb meals, but you may need to be a little careful with other meals that may "seem" free of carbs, but still generate an insulin response. Perhaps look for a different "go to" snack? Or maybe eat the peanut butter on some crackers to provide some carbs to even out your response (by "some" I mean a couple).

I feel your pain. I woke up yesterday at 31, after lunch went to 57, before dinner 47, bedtime 90, 4:30am 29, and woke up at 90. I ate three meals yesterday, bolused accurately, but it still did not help.

However, and I know I say this a lot on Tu, but the weather got cold over the weekend and nothing throws me into a tailspin faster then weather change. Additionally, yesterday was my first day to organize my new kitchen and I was on my feet from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, moving boxes, cutting shelf paper etc. That probably did not help either.

I have actually been trying to raise my A1C a bit and have lowered boluses and changed my carb ratio. But there is so much I cannot control.....