Treating Reactive Hypoglycemia the Dr B way

How do you treat reactive hypoglycemia, In my case it is getting woken up in the middle of the night angry.

I have been tinkering with my meds to prevent this. I find myself going in the low 70's and get woken up from a deep sleep. I get up take 2 glucose tablets and go back to bed and I am good for the night. I know Dr B wants you to treat it with glucose tablets and not eat carb foods.

I am finding low carbing that I dont get the hungry feelings anymore but its just this darn wake-up period in the middle of the night. It is always happening to me between 2-3 am.

I have been taking a glucose tablets before bed but it is not doing anything any more.

Thoughts, suggestions, comments?

Between 2-4 AM is when BG is lowest for non-diabetics. Surprising that low 70’s wake you. What a pain!

Do you know if you had overnight highs previously? I’m wondering if this is an adjustment period for your body in the same way that more normal BG feels low during the day when people have had high BG.

No I didnt have the problem before and my nighttime’s were fine, 85-100. For some reason my pancreas is kicking in around that time of night.

My morning numbers at wakeup are 80-85. As a T-2 I dont fear a hypo but its just irksome. Hopefully its just a phase and my body is further adjusting.

No more active dreaming:)

Very annoying to wake up consistently in the middle of the night.

Try a low carb snack at bedtime, say 15-30 carbs, but only at bed time with the snack. Check Bg in2-3 hrs. if your are awake. Otherwise check if when you wake up. Also how many carbs. are you eating by 7pm? I usually do not wake up at night unless BG is in 50’s. I am T2 insulin depentent.

Thanks Chele, yes I will up the carb ratio before going to bed and try that. I am probably not getting enough. I am re-reading Dr B’s book too.

How are you doing with your ‘Night Awakens’ ? What are your total carbs for the day up to your testing at bed time? Counting may snack at night my total is 120 Carbs… Prior to starting Dr, B. my daily total was @ 150, this week I have kept total at 120 or under. Next week I will keep it 110 or under, this way I hope I am giving my body time to adjust to the carb. change. Since dropping daily carb. total I have not been low through the night. However, after checking my BG @ 2am for years, I am usually awake and will check BG anyway. Let me know how you are doing.

My dietician told me to use protein and carbs for a nighttime snack that has helped with the night time lows

Hey Pauly !

How are you doing?


Perhaps eating some nuts will slow the drop?

I have retimed my metformin dose to taking it earlier. This has helped along with taking a carb after supper. I still get a few lows during the night that wake me up but overall it is going better. Thank for checking in Chele.

15-30 carbs before bed isn’t a low carb snack.

Combination coconut millk & almond milk? Avocado? I’ve lowered my nightime basal rate - otherwise, I’ve been dropping low by 4 am or 6 too (I tend to be a night owl).

Just went through this fear. Im T1 so no kick ins other than bad basals and lack of glucose. But… for me protein kicks in almost instantly where as fat will last a lot longer. So, scratch the carbs, they will only peak very quickly and then come crashing down. But, a little protein and some fat… Well then we have a stabilizer! Of course YDMV, but try some protein first (few slices of salami, tuna, etc) and maybe wake up and do a test to see where you are. Then if thats not enough add some fat in the mix (cheese and salami, 3 carb cracker with cream cheese, etc.). Those should be a much smoother rise / drop and give you the 10-15mg/dl you need till the am. Keep us posted!

Check this out, I pulled it from here LINK from MelissaBL.

Crikey! I didnt realize that I had brought this thread back from the dead!

Thanks Onesaint~! I assume that as a T-2 my basal rate from my pancreas would react somewhat the same. I normally run around 95-100 BG during the night but sometimes slip into the lower 70’s which wakes me up. I will reference your formula and try this. Thanks again

I hope you get some good sleep Pauly! =^)

Also, you might give notice to what you eat for dinner / snack on the nights you get low. Ive never been a sufferer of the dawn phenomena until eating the Bernstein way, but Ive noticed if I have a fatty snack it doesnt seem to happen. The way our bodies work is always so illusive and interesting isnt it?

I don’t know if this will help anyone, but everynight I eat a carton of FAGE full fat yogurt. It’s 7g carbs per cup. I add sunflower seeds and propably too much Truvia and Stevia, but I exercise at night buring around 600 calories, at least a couple of times a week. I’m new to diabetes(LADA). I was waking at 4-5am with a nervous feeling. I’m not lucid enough to check in the middle of the night. How do you do this without waking your spouses? I was assuming that it was due to a cortisol rise.

Just how much does: weight, height. and BMI count in this. Monday when I went to the Endo the only things measured were: weight and height. Now they are measuring the waist size which has never been done but, they are not concerned by the hip circumference to a ratio.

Will all this figure in the the theory of the coverage of Fats, Fiber and Protein?
Then when you ask why, never an answer.

Give this a read Chele, LINK.

weight comes into play with IR (insulin resistance) and I:C (insulin to carb) ratios, but thats curious the measurements they took. Possibly they think low carb is going to make you loose too much weight?