Hypoglycemic Unawareness

Lately I’ve apparently been suffering from hypoglycemic unawareness. When I was a kid, I definitely suffered from it, and there came a time when I didn’t anymore. It wasn’t apparent, but all of a sudden there was a realization that I would feel low, I would test, be low, and have the chance to take care of it. I wouldn’t be low when I tested just because it was time to test. Previous to last week, I would feel low, test, and be somewhere in the 60’s. And as much as I don’t like being low, 60’s certainly isn’t a bad low. But last week, I would test because it was time to test, or I’d start to feel a little low, and I’d be in the 40’s. One night I woke up at 4:30 AM, was 41, grabbed two juice boxes and sucked them down, then rolled back over and went back to sleep. But really? 41?! That’s a scary number. (And I don’t generally consider middle of the night hypoglycemia unawareness.) And last Wednesday while I was trying to get Boy & Girl Genius packed and ready for the airport, I was in the 40’s again. I got out a glass, got some orange juice and Girl Genius talked my ear off. She wants to know why I don’t have to cut it with water. And then in the middle of drinking it, I get a brain freeze. And I semi-snap. “Girl Genius, I will pay attention to you, but first I need to finish my juice.”

But where do I go from here? As a child, this was the only thing that I had to worry about. I had my mother to worry about everything else. I needed to work on feeling low, and then all of a sudden it happened. But how do I do it now? I already know what it feels like. I'm alert to how my body feels now. I've been the best diabetic I've ever been since I started this blog. How do I start feeling low again? I test nearly 15 times per day, and yet I'm still missing these lows. Is there anyone else who has experienced this before? How do I go back to catching them when I'm barely low?

Hey Briley!

I too suffer from Hypoglycemia unawareness…

About a year ago I got introduced to the ‘Paleo’ diet. Its a low-carb diet that stresses REAL and NATURAL foods. Since I am eating low carb, I take less insulin and therefore my swings in blood sugar are very small!

At some meals I only take 1 unit of insulin! I’m not starving myself… I am replacing the carb energy with fat energy, which your body can use very efficiently. Humans were using fats and proteins for millions of years, and have only have agriculture and starchy foods for a few thousands.

Eating paleo or other low-carb styles can help a lot.

Send me an email if you want to chat more about it-- andariegoblog@gmail.com


I have suffered from hypoglycemia unawareness for around 3 years now and i understand the pain from dealing with it. I recommend a cgms to help you catch the lows. I know the cgms did not work well for me but most people with hypoglycemia unawareness this seems to work. I know i didnt realize that i had an issue with it until i got into a car accident. So i really recommend trying to figure out a way to catch the lows. I know i have gotten myself into quite a few dangerous situations from the lows i didnt catch. I know i have some improvement of awareness occassionally keeping alc under 7.

I think this disease sometimes has a mind of its own.My awareness also comes and goes. You are not alone. If I had to track when lows happen, they are usually related to how much I bolused for , to cover for a food that is a little unusual for me, and I over calculated. Voila. And then the roller coaster begins. So I guess the simplest answer is the food choices, and how restrictive you want to be. I hate that logic, because I want to eat what I want, when I want. That being said, it also can happen related to exercise which is a whole nother story.And of course, there is always the CGM choice, which I am about to try.