Hypothetical question

if a family cant afford health care for their diabetic child what happens? like cant afford anything, strips, meter… all of things to care for them, what do they do?

There is a special insurance…I cant recall the name…maybe Childrens Special Insurance or something like that…children with diabetes are eligible for this insurance. There can be a monthly payment for it, depending on the parents income. For us, it wasnt worth it…we have good insurance and while it would have covered above and beyond what our own health insurance didnt cover…we are only paying about 20 dollars out of pocket each month and the insurance would have cost us over $100.

California has a state sponsored program for families to provide medical care. I would imagine other state governments have something similar. An internet search of “no cost health insurance” yielded several state programs.

next year we may be removed from the military and i have no clue what is going to happen to us, so I am very scared. my husband and I have no skills to fall back on and I know for sure that we are going to loose our car and our phones, work separate shifts just to make ends meet.

Most states have health care for children who are low income.

Maryland (if you were to stay here) has the MCHP -which provides health care for uninsured children.

Won’t you then get your retirement benefits from the military, which would also include insurance?

Children can get on Medicaid - which goes by different names in each state. Also the S-CHIP program, a federal program administered by the states. You can Google “CHIP State Directors” to find the coordinator in your state.

My understanding is that Type I diabetic children are considered disabled and therefore are eligible for medicaid. You can apply online in the state of Pennsylvania.

you can try getting help from BCMH thats what I do. or try SSI or some other goverment programs or even try calling the Makers of the supplies they might be able to help you. good luck Tammie

Look into the state programs for whatever state you will end up living - probably medicaid but there could be others. Also, the big drug companies usually have patient assistance programs that can help you get insulin. Your endo’s office is a great resource too, especially for short term supplies if you are waiting for medicaid approval or something. Hope that helps, try not to stress too much.

he has only been in for 11 years, retirement is at 20. he wants to make this a career but his last unit held him back and kept him going to a course to pick up rank and now it has affected him very badly so now i am very worried for our family, we have nothing to fall back on. no skills and no savings.

I dont understand. Has your husbands health been affected?

What is his career field in the military? Could he use whatever training he has had in his military career field and enroll in some college courses to add to it, using his GI Bill?

Like many have said, with diabetes in children, the states offer a special childrens insurance. So as far as your child goes, you will not be without coverage.

Maryland definitely has schip, it covers everything 100% for my two sons, including the pump and pump supplies. Even if you make too much money to qualify, they have a secondary program called Schip premium. where you pay a monthly fee based on your income.

no his health hasn’t been affected, his last military unit kept him from going to a course that kept him from doing the necessary thing to pick up his next rank which keeps him in to advance his career. so now his career may come to an end. i dont work because i have mental issues that have hospitalized me twice and im working on them and i lost my job and it hard to find a sitter. so when he gets out im just so worried about everything.

I see…I would have your husband look into getting some courses using his GI bill now, in case something does happen…never hurts to be prepared…

I will keep your family in my prayers. As everyone has mentioned, as far as your child and diabetes goes…there are many options for insurance available. So dont fret over that part of it all. Your child will have coverage…