I am a T1 with insulin resistance...what type of diabetic am i?

My first thought was ******, decided that was too cynical and settled for “unlucky”

Which category do I fall into now?

You sound like me…First they typed me II, then did testing and typed me I, then I was told I had Diabetes 1.5…Makes you wonder if they even know how to describe us…

lol yea, I was dxd as a T1 in 1970, not even sure that T2 even was recognized at that time. Well, I do try to be a puzzle for folks!

A type 1 who has to inject a lot of insulin, I think.

Have you found any meds or supplements or anything else that improves the insulin resistance?

I agree that it sounds like a bummer of a combo!

What is the nature of the resistance?

In my case, I have high levels of insulin antibodies. This probably means I am more resistant than someone who doesn’t have those antibodies, but I don’t take heroic amounts of insulin. Between 45-55 units a day, typically.

There are ways to enhance your insulin sensitivity, including Symlin and resistance exercise.

Could it be that you’ve become resistant to a particular type & changing brands might help?


Well, to try and answer everyone’s questions…

Not sure what the origin of the resistance is, does it really matter as far as treatments go?

Symlin: I am started symlin a couple of weeks ago and it has helped immensely. I would go high (250-300 not unusual) 2 hours PP. Then I would go low (<60 if I didn’t watch it close) at 4hrs PP. The symlin has helped level out the highs and I have been able to lower my basal rates to help address those lows.

Types: I started pumping with Humalog and found I was having some type of immune response to it, switched to Novalog. It was better, but lasted too long on boluses. I was bolusing large amounts to try to cover the 2hr highs and the Novalog was active too long and driving my numbers low. I switched to Apidra then, which does seem to get out of my system faster and not effect my 4hr numbers


You think 45-55 units a day is high? I was taking 175 units a day of Lantus along with about 300 of fast acting…I go through about 80-90 units now through my pump

I was using the Apidra in my pump too, but after about the middle of the 2nd day, I was getting really high numbers. Now I use Novolog and it seems to do better…Lately I have been really having some high numbers, and not sure if it’s the insulin has gone bad (forgot and had it sitting too close to my heater and think it got hot) so I had to open another bottle and now I am worring that I am going to run out. I have had to start bypassing my bolus wizard…It won’t let me go any lower for the carb ratio…I hope you can find answers to what is happening. It would be interesting to find that out…I think we are just special…Not everyone can be put into a certain “box” or diagnosis…

That’s great success with your pump! What a difference.

Love the pics of your furbugs!


Maybe you are a T1 who is experiencing the normal worsening of insulin resistance that happens to 2/3rds of the normal population as they get older.

You should talk to your doctor about adding metformin to your regimen, as it works at the liver and muscle level and may be able to cut down on the amount of insulin you need to use. It also has been shown to be cardioprotective. I find that even though I am not insulin resistant, metformin lowers my triglycerides dramatically–probably because it seems to stop the liver from converting glucose to fat.

Thanks Jenny, question for you… how does metformin compare to symlin? The results from symlin have been so dramatic that I’m hesitant to come off it. I just have to argue with the insurance company that I really need it.

I take Symlin and Metformin. I just started the Symlin last Saturday, and I think I might be having some repercussions from it. When first injecting,I had red circles about the size of a quarter around the injection site. I thought maybe the needles were to small so I bumped the needle up from the pinkish purple to the blue…that seemed to help some. Now I have been having the nausea,no vomiting but severe nausea and bloating and well, that back door trot stuff,lol… this is not pleasant,I was told that this will resolve,but if it dont in a few days,dang, I’M a calling the doc. I guess the reason for the Symlin is that my c-peptide came back at a 14.3 so my pancreas is a reved up engine ready to blow. Im very insulin resistant! I was just wondering if you had any of these symptoms when first starting the Symlin.

Thanks, Deb

Hi Deb,

The only effect that I really had was nausea, some times just a little, some times I started heading to the bathroom, never actually got ill tho… It pretty much went away after 10 days or so

The other thing was that Symlin makes you feel “sated” or full, so you tend to eat less. This wasn’t a “Oh I can squeeze in another couple of bites” feeling. This was a “one more bite and I will explode” feeling. This kinda messed up my carb counting at times because I simply could not finish the whole meal.

Hope this helps,

Hey Deb! there is a Symlin users forum at this site…http://tudiabetes.com/group/symlin. some of us have shared their experience with Symlin there. I had those same symptoms while building my dose up. they go away with time. And yes, Symlin burns a bit when you inject it. That doesn’t go away but for me, the gain in control is worth the temporary discomfort. The timing of when you bolus, when you inject the Symlin, and when you eat is critical. It’s probably a bit different for everyone so you’ll have to figure out what works best for you. good luck and keep us posted.

Yes, those symptoms are normal and they do abate as you become used to the drug. I am in the midst of posting a 3-part guide to using Symlin on my blog here. You can find part 1 here.

This is why I usually take my meal bolus after I eat, unless I’m outside my target range when I sit down to eat. You never know how much you’ll be able to put down with Symlin working.

Thanks Everyone!..I will be sure to go to the group and too look at the blog!

I took 40 units of lantus and about 90-120 of fast acting on shots, now its about 85 units with pump

Dear Scott.

You and I are enjoying the worst of diabetes without pancreatic action and with insulin resistant. We are a combo of worst aspects of type 1 and type 2.

Exercise seems to help. Try to eat a few calories less than you expend for a few days that seems to help the resistance. I wonder if one has to change insulin periodically as the body may develop things that eat a given insulin.

I have added metformin to my insulin at times but after 3 weeks I became exhausted on this drug. any thing else that works?