I am a total LOSER!

Ha ha not exactly but when it come to my diabetic supplies yes I am a total loser. I am constantly losing my insulin pens, my meters, my dexcom, strips etc… Amongst all of my other stuff keys, cell phone, ipod, sunglasses, wallet, granola bars etc… my supplies seem to disappear. My pockets are always full of stuff. I went snowboarding today and lost another meter. Last week I lost my insulin. ARRGGH!!! I try to make a conscious effort to know where my supplies are at all times but I still lose them. Funny thing is I don’t seem to lose anything else! I know jamming my pockets full of stuff is obviously not the best solution for holding on to my things but I really don’t want to go with some kind of “man purse”. Besides it not practical for my active lifestyle. So I am soliciting suggestions for how not to be such a total loser! In the meantime can i borrow your meter??? just kidding ; )

If you’re not a man purse guy (which means, I’m guessing, that fanny pack is a dirty phrase to you, too), how about a tool belt? This could be the next diabetes fashion statement. Plus, you could practice some moves–pull out a tube of strips and spin it like a pistol.

Yes fanny pack is very very bad… but I do like your toolbelt idea! Great suggestion and very masculine ha ha.

I’ll have to see if I can retrofit one to accommodate my supplies. Thanks! Keep the ideas comin!

Dude, I rock the guy bag. The Stud Sack. The dudely tote. I have no clue how I would survive without it because I forget everything.

There are some really manly man satchels out there.

A small back pack? In a tough guy color, of course:)

I carry a huge purse & still lose things.

I agree with the back pack, not a fanny pac please

yea, i’d suggest a backpack as well. there are so many guys who do that, and it really doesn’t look bad. also, have you tried a bigger sized frio wallet? get the size that can fit a meter (without the case, just the meter, strips, and pricker), insulin, and needles. if you’re on a pump, you can still use a frio to carry extra supplies. it might be small enough to fit in a pocket and has enough room for everything you need minus the hypo treatment things such as juice boxes, tablets, etc. i have a few guy friends with diabetes who do this and it works well for them. they keep the hypo stuff in their cars. hope this helps? :wink:

I’m really into getting one little carrying case for my insulin and my meter, something like this - http://www.americandiabeteswholesale.com/-strse-549/Medport-Diabetic-Wallet-Organizer/Detail.bok?site=google_base

When everything’s together like that it’s hard to lose. If you do, you’ll figure it out pretty quick (and people will hear your screams for miles around). When I go out I either carry it or throw it in a shoulder bag. Tough to get by with just pockets.

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! I will give them a shot and hopefully not be such a loser. Incidentally, the lost and found people at Breckenridge called me to tell me they had my meter!

How about slinging the fanny pack over your neck and under your arm and calling it a shoulder holster? That sounds kinda manly.

Personally I go the belt and pockets route. It’s either clipped to my belt, inside a tight fitting elastic belt (see www.spibelt.com) or in my pocket.

lol I lost 2 boxes of test strips a few mths ago around the house still haven’t found them yet… the other week I Lost my hubby’s medication Opppss but I found it just in time…lucky for me :wink:

Oh my God.I left a box of glucometers delivered to me in my clinic.I have to go and get it,thanks Brian…

Here is my diabetes bag. It carries all pump supplies, my testing kit, snacks, and various other things. It is 1/4 the size of a regular backpack and was purchased at Foot Locker I think it was. Don’t mind the “spray paint” in the background. I had an address up there that I didn’t realize before I took the picture.

Brian, this is a great post, because I have the same problem on where to carry supplies especially in the summer when I can’t stuff my jacket pockets with things. I can’t carry one of those “murses”…man purse, but the small backpack might work when I travel. I’m definitely ordering the spibelt. Thanks Terry. It is sort of what I’ve been looking for, and there’s free shipping until 12/31.


  1. “murse” cracked me up.
  2. I’ve seen, but never used, these jackets and vests with a ton of pockets:

I’m losing things continuously, and often find myself out without something that I need. I have a bag that I found on some website that carries my supplies (I can’t remember where I found it, and it is not that good – lots of pockets, but not exactly right for me and what I carry).

I go for redundancy. I keep supplies everywhere. Office, home, brief case, coat pockets (mostly glucose tablets), back packs, any other place I may go with any kind of regularity, car (anything not temperature sensitive). I carry my imperfect bag in my brief case or backpack, but sometimes forget it.

Brian: Go with multiple levels of redundancy.

Brian, You ever leave the house without your pants? Take some advice from mothers pack your diaper bag.load up your supplies and take it with you. There are many masculine bags that will keep all together. Dont worry one day you will remember to grab the bag and go. Get a partner / compaion and have them carry the diabetic bag, you will be alot less frustrated.

Thanks again for the great suggestions. I think I will give some of these a shot (no pun intended) and see how it goes. The backpack might be ok but sometimes I just want to walk around town without always having something on. That spibelt thing might be a good option too even if it really is just a fanny pack in disguise! Hmmm, I guess there has to be some amount of compromise here if I don’t want to continue to be a total loser.