Where can i find something to put all my diabetic supplies in?

such as insulin and my meter Something that is my free lol or not so costly.

fanny pack! Watch out i can hear the fashion police siren! How about a purse? Or a shoulder bag? I never used to carry around a purse, now i can’t go anywhere without it. I just throw everything in the bag and go. I also carry around a purse looking lunch bag in case i need to keep my supplies cool.

I just carry a purse. But, mine weighs about 30lbs…snacks, glucose tabs, meter, case with insulin syringes pre-filled, hand sanitizer…etc…I know, I know :slight_smile:

if you take the chocolate out it might weigh less…

Robyn has the typical “mommy” purse. I call my mom’s the Mary Poppin’s purse. She can reach in there and whatever your ailment, there’s something in there to remedy the situation!

Hey…that is soooo true! And if you were with me and we broke down and it was miles from a store…I could probably feed us both a meal right out of my purse, plus it is a deadly weapon if anybody want’s to try something! lol

Yes, Domo there is chocolate in it as well…and it is not coming out! xx

I wrote to Eli Lill and Company, for educational materials, they sent a video and a card to fill out to get a walking fanny pack made for Humalog, it has space for the meter, insulin, an insulin pen and it comes with a water bottle, it was free. My backpack I use daily was free from Astelin Nasal Spray, they actually sent it to my mom(she uses Astelin) and i adopted it.

I just use my regular old backpack (day pack) for my frio, glucose tabs and whatever else I need to tote around. I didn’t like fanny packs when they were in style; made everyone look pregnant!

true…then if you wore them turned on your backside…well…bigger booty bump!

nobody likes purses? I have heard there are man purses…

does craig have a man purse?

I dont know, we will have to ask him. :slight_smile:

I love my purse. If I were a man…well, I just dont know what I would do.

Go to Wal Mart. Camera cases works quite well for me. Carried syringe, insulin, penlet needles, snacks, swabs, juice and meter. Use a small camera case for the meter. Have a new pump now, next week I will take another trip to Wal Mart. You will need to take your diabetic stuff with you. This will give you some idea what size case you will need.

I found a really goofy looking shiny vinyl “small purse” with a long enough strap to go around my neck and across my body at Wal-Mart. It has a pocket on the front - big enough for my eyeglasses and sunglasses, a place for ID and a middle opening large enough for my glucometer, glucose tabs, insulin/needles and a small (freezer/lunchbox) ice pack. All in all it’s probably 6 in across, and 3 - 4 inches deep.

Tacky as heck - but JUST the right size to manage while we’re tubing for vacation. I’m plannign to put all my supplies in small ziplock bags (so they’ll stay waterproof) and with the ice pack to keep it cool, I’m hoping to have an easy day floating down Deep Creek!

Best of all - it cost $4!

I totally use my purse too. I filled out a survey and one of the questions was: What would be the first possession you’d grab if your house caught on fire? Beloved picture, Favorite book, purse, forget it- just run, or favorite shoes
I totally said purse. It has two notebooks (well, a journal), a reading book (I read a book per week), my meter, my syringes (as well as back up syringes), hand sanitizer, pens, my phone, my flash drives, back up make up, checks and credit cards (of course), glucose tablets, gum, and a few favorite pictures.
My back has totally made a vein burst in my left shoulder… but I can’t part with ANY OF THE STUFF. Even at weddings and stuff, I plop down my “duffel bag” in my evening gown. I don’t care. I love my purses- especially the oversized ones with a ton of pockets!

I second this. One of my old meters I kept in a camera case. Just the size big enough for a cybershot or something… pretty tiny. I could fit my meter, extra syringes, the two vials of insulin the front pocket and lancets, and even a few glucose tablets inside the zipper.

and vice versa! I actually ended up using one of my old meter cases for my cybershot when in a pinch on a trip once! Good deal!

The bottom line is that you base what you carry on your needs. The people that make meters etc. want to spend as little money as possible AND, try to make it convenient however this does not ususally, adequately address the needs for most diabetics. Over time you will find out that the tighter your control, the more “stuff” you will NEED to carry.

The true definition of a purse is that it is a bag to carry whatever you want (or in this case need) to help you cope with your lifestyle in general. You never know what life is going to throw at you. Perhaps you may need a bigger snack some day or get stuck in traffic or the needle will not spray properly or whatever. ALWAYS carry more than you think you will need.

You may notice the picture that I use is my purse, and I carry far more than I think will be necessary and it is ALWAYS within arms reach. Over time we have seen fashions in treatment change as they should, and it is clear that to facillitate tight control you must carry more supplies in order to do so. This all falls under the umbrella of self care, which is a very wonderful, and necessary thing. Think of yourself as a “high maintainence” loving caring individual. Who knows, hopefully this mindset will catch on.

Love Always
The Anonymous Diabetic.

My pen goes in my top pocket with the needle and the little grey cap already on it when I go out say to… Wild bufallo wings, or out to eat or sleep overs…It looks just like a sharpie, not that it matters, but looks just like a regular pen.
At work I bought a Danali little camera case that my pen and extra needles fit in.That I keep at work.
Go to walmart or target or Kmart and just buy a camera case, they have all the little zipped pockets and the main part you can keep your meter and insulin and syringes or pens what ever you use…

Man purse… GEESSEEE gimme a effin’ break

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