Guys what do you carry your supplies in

What do you carry your supplies in when you are out and about on the town . Messenger bag, Medic bag or Carry all or what do you use? Something to hold your meter.test strips, MDI or pump stuff, Dextrosol or what ever, without carrying a purse. i would like your thoughts. Fanny pack???

I use OneTouch UltraMini meters that fit in my pocket and my pump/CGM clips to my belt. For sugar, I got some little ziplloc bags @ Hobby Lobby and fill them w/ jelly beans.

The case that came with the my One Touch has enough room for a days worth of MDI supplies. It fits into the pockets on some of my slacks and shorts. There’s also a belt loop on one side as well. The whole thing is smaller than a paperback book.

In the summer I wear cargo shorts and in the winter my coats have pockets. If I’m going out I have a leather satchel/laptop/briefcase thingy I’ll bring if it’s formal. If not I just toss everything into the diaper bag or a track spike-like bag.

Not a guy, but I have a friend who is diabetic, and he carries around a simple black tote bag when he goes places. Doesn’t look like a purse at all.

I agree with this. I was in San Francisco and managed to trace the lady who invented these bags. They are excellent and I managed to get the discount and have the shipping knocked off too. She was a wonderful lady and the bag is extremely well made - even my brother-in-law was impressed when he saw it.

It is not very pretty, but smart and practical and I love it.

They do do some smaller, purse sized ones, but for me they were not practical as I carry a lot of items with me, not just diabetic kit.

For a smaller thing that goes onto your belt, there is Joes Small-in-One. I do not know if you can get them in the US though.

I did see a couple of interesting kit bags while trawling all the Walmarts I could find. You should count yourselves lucky in the US. In the UK there is absolutely nothing available in the shops for diabetics! You have much more choice over there.

though i would absolutely love to carry a fanny pack…i do not want to be one of those guys. i have always found a way to cram everything into my glucose meter case. i keep my humalog in the tiny zipper mesh pocket, and a fresh syringe in the rear pocket. if i don’t have a gf to carry it for me in her purse, then i have no problem jamming the case into one front pocket. i also carry one or two fruit role ups in the same pocket, as they are very compact. no problems here. i’m not very fond of the idea of carrying a man purse…

Pockets Pockets Pockets!!! wont buy clothes without pockets - Pump, CGM, Meter strips and lancer,“Mike and Ikes” candies in a plastic snack bag.
Spare supplies in Briefcase.