I am ALIVE! Please read further

I have not signed on in almost 3 months!!! I have a perfectly logical explanation. I could not remember my password to save my life! I tried pw recovery and I had forgotten which email address I used, it was all too frustrating so I gave up. This morning, I accidentally open Firefox (I normally use Google Chrome) and notice that I still have all pw’s and information along with the history saved! I do not know why I didn’t think of this sooner. I play a game on Facebook and Google Chrome is a better browser for this game so I always clear the saved data and cache so that the game runs smoothly. I was devastated for the past 2 months and was going to make a new one but I wanted all of my old friends and didn’t know or remember everyone. But God is great! I’m glad I am back and I have a LOT of catching up to do! Off to read inbox messages and respond to them. I am sorry for worrying anyone and for forgetting my login info. :frowning: Hope everyone is doing well!!!

~JD. ♥

Glad to see you back Jolly!

Thanks Teena! It’s great to be back! :heart:

Hello Sunny!

I play HealthSeeker and Sorority Life. A few others but not as often as these two.

Sure thing, Sunny! I sent you an add request on FB. The only game I play on the account I sent you an add request from, is HealthSeeker. I have the same photo as here on Tu. See you soon! :heart:

Happy to see you here again!

Thanks Gerri! It’s great to be back. =D