I am at 7 months pregnant

Everything is going so well, of course I've had a few bad days, 4 bad in total since I heard I'm carrieing a bambino'. My doc says I am doing great though, except for yesterday.

I found out my grandfather is in the hospital, minor heart attack, hes doing fine but because of the hormones and stress level, yesterday was one of those bad days, sugars persistantly stayed low, then elevated to safe levels then went low again, so in total 3 panic attacks in one hour and I over ate.

Went to bed and by 2am they were up high (when the meter tells you to check your ketones) thats high. first time in at least two months ive seen them above 6.8 mmol, but i still had a break down. they were at 18mmol!!!

If I wasnt 7months pregnant i may have shrugged it off, but now that some little beautiful gift is depending on me to control her health, its overwhelming at times.

my day so far is going great though, but if anyone out there has some comforting thoughts like how they cope with those bad days mentally, pass em' this way.

oh and sorry didnt post on d-day, didnt have internet.

Hey! Let me tell you, as a Type 1 mother of a 2 year old, you’re going to be ok. You will have bad days and good days during your pregnancy, but if your average is overal great, dont worry yourself to death. You are, I’m sure, doing the best youve ever done with control (your precious child will do that to you) and that means everything. I was enduced 3 weeks early due to mild Pre-eclampsia, and after little response, My son was born via C-Section, and we are both perfectly fine and healthy now. Whatever bumps you encounter along the way, just remain strong and optimistic, and make sure you have a great support system around you. Believe it- you will have many happy and love-filled years ahead of you!! And after your baby arrives, try to work out a correlating schedule of Checking your blood sugar every other diaper change, or else you’ll get so busy with baby, it may slip your mind… Blessings to you and your new family!! Diabetes may be a daily battle, but once you’re a mother, you can handle most anything… :slight_smile:

Hi Mel,

Crystal is right! You and that baby will be fine. One bad day will not get in the way of a healthy pregnancy, especially as far along as you are now! Things happen that are out of our control, but you did what was necessary to get everything back where it needed to be!

I really like Crystal’s suggestion to check after diaper changes (or whatever plan you come up with, just come up with one!!). I had no plan and still struggle now that Kate is 7 1/2 months old! Some days I totally forget, but that is not acceptable. My precious girl still relys on me to take care of myself and I can’t start slacking off now that she is here!

Good luck with everything, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions! I had a scheduled c-section 2 wks early, kept my pump on the whole time, and had a perfect delivery and recovery! You’ve got this!!

During both my pregnancies It always seemed like I was holding my breath until they are born. The guilt can be overwhelming, but looking at the big picture is important. If you have only had this happen rarely and are able to regain control, this is merely a blip on the radar. I had gotten really ill and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. My ketones were high as well as being dehydrated…probably why there were ketones. Anyway, both of my children were born healthy…and I exhaled. :slight_smile: You will soon too.

I had twins last year…I spent the entire pregnancy in a non-stop state of worry. I maintained an A1c between 4.6 and 5.3 during the pregnancy but, I had plenty of sugars that stressed me out. Then one month early, my babies were born by c-section because I had preeclampsia. My babies almost 6 pounds each (but skinny-not overweight at all) and they were fine…not needing any assistance or anything. I couldn’t believe how healthy they were! I felt like I worried myself to death for nothing. My advice is to do your best to remember that others have been through this and as long as you test often and keep blood sugars reasonable, chances are super good you’re baby will come out perfect! It’s tough for sure…so hang in there :slight_smile: Try to enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can. You’re right about it being overwhelming at times! Think of it as a long distance race you’re gonna win! Take care!

I am looking forward to you posting a picture of you and your beautiful, healthy baby. You and your child will be just fine. Test, eat, rest and enjoy that little miracle moving inside of you…oooo how I loved that. Take care sweetie.

I have had 2 daughters and both turned out great. I had bad days and good days and it is extremely normal. I was hospitalized once for each pregnancy, but survived. The one thing I did not know with my first child is that she had to go to NICU immediately after she was born because of her low blood sugars. That was not explained to me, unfortunately, until after they took her from my arms to the NICU. She was in the hospital 5 days and I actually had to leave without my baby, which was hard. Her blood sugars normalized and she is perfect now. With the second one, I was begging them to keep her in the hospital longer, so that I could relax before having 2 kids at home LOL!!! It was sweet, to me, knowing that my child was trying to produce insulin for me the whole time I was pregnant. That really hit me hard. I just wished I would have known that during my pregnancy so I could have been more prepared while those post pregnancy hormones are still raging…I am not trying to scare you, I sure hope you understand, and I haven’t read all the other posts, so I apologize if I am telling you something you already know. Just rambling here…