Pregnant & Diabetic....HeLp!

Alright ladies I NEED some help! I know that pregnancy is suppose to be a “happy” time in your life, but I feel soooo overwhelmed with making sure everything with my diabetes is good. When I found out, I googled everything that could go wrong when being pregnant and diabetic. NOT A GOOD IDEA! hahaha. I am going insane checking my blood sugars like 30 times a day!!! Crazy!!! Insane!!! I KNOW! hahahaha… This is my second pregnancy, but with the first, I didnt have diabetes and everything went fine. With this one, I feel like right when I get my insulin needs JUST right, the next day, they are all out of wack! My doctors said I should be very happy with how things are going because when I first found out, my a1c was an 8.3, and I got it checked yesterday and it was a 5.7… Even though they say that everythings going good, I can’t help but be worried. Has anyone felt like this, or am I just going crazy!

Breck, congrats on the pregnancy. Now please join this Group

We’ve had so many healthy babies born to type1 moms here since I joined, I couldn’t count them all. also great job on the a1c!

I wasn’t diagnosed with Type 1 when I had my daughter, but I was with my son. I felt EXACTLY like you are feeling. But with that number for your A1c it sounds like you are doing great. The guilt with this disease is tremendous under everyday circumstances. But the guilt that I felt as a pregnant woman felt unbearable at times. I couldn’t wait until he was born and I could hold him and care for him. Take it moment by moment. You are checking yourself and the occasional out of wack number isn’t going to do damage. My son was 7lbs and 5oz and healthy. Well wishes with your pregnancy and birth.

I’m T1 and have been for 36 yrs. I gave birth to 3 beautiful, healthy girls. Low birth weights, but they were healthy.

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Its been 38 yrs for me, I gave birth to 4 beautiful children, but the last I was on alot of insulin, more and more each month. But the stress and worry, let it go, it sure don’t change things for the good. What will be, will be…
Checking your BS 30 times a day, well you know you couldn’t fix your BS 30 times a day. So stop that…and do them normal and take care of your self, eat healthy and enjoy your pregnancy:) Everything will be fine:)

Congratulations! How many weeks pregnant are you? It’s completely normal to feel this way with pregnancy, and it’s definitely better than being careless with your blood sugars. Your A1c is great, so you should try and enjoy your pregnancy and give yourself a pat on the back. Women with diabetes deliver healthy babies everyday, with your continued effort, I’m sure you’ll be one of them!

hi breck! congratulations on two counts! 1st the pregnancy and 2nd the A1c!! great job! with my 1st pregnancy, (which by the way was almost 29years ago!),i had only been diabetic for 7yrs. i purchased my first meter (which cost almost $400) and my doctor wasnt that interested in A1c’s. i didn’t test too often, cause it hurt my fingers, was a huge machine, not at all portable and i “felt fine”. i was only taking 1 shot/day…yes that’s right, 1 shot/day. anyway, long story short…i delivered by c-section, a beautiful, healthy, happy 6lb7oz baby boy, who is now a wonderful, healthy, soon to be 28yr old non-diabetic, he has 2 beautiful, healthy, also non diabetic sisters born 2 and 7 years after him! what i’m trying to say is that with all the advancements of the past 28 years, you should feel totally comfortable and sure that you are doing everything you can to stay healthy and deliver a perfectly healthy baby!! keep us posted with how things are going, and remember we are here for you!

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Hi Marie,
Is there another link for this support group because I can’t seem to access it

you can start your own topic here