I am eating like a wild racoon


I was picturing eating wild raccoon at first. Over a campfire.

But picturing @mohe0001 crouching next to a stream and carefully and daintily washing her little powdered donut…

It is quite the hilarious mental imagery.



Although after reading @mohe0001 posts, I think it may have been more like the pack of wild raccoons that came upon our encampment one night, broke into our vehicle (window left open a bit) and chewed through all our meal packets. Left a trail of debris for us to find in the morning.


Somehow this does seem more appropriate… Lol

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A wild raccoon is one of the few things I will never eat. Not because it doesn’t sound delicious. I am OBSESSED with rabies. Rabies is the most fascinating illness ever invented and now that I’m graduated, I’m gonna read all about it. Rabies binge!!! So much more interesting than diabetes.

Good sample audiobook on Rabies here. Even better story here. The BEST audio about Rabies HERE. Its so awesome. All the Rabies you could ever want. My gift to you.

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Wait, invented?

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They have rabies in Bali - Just saying…

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I think how much of a culture shock you experience really depends on the individual. My husband is Egyptian, but grew up in Saudi Arabia. He had never left the middle east before he came to live with me in San Jose. He got off the plane at SFO and the first thing he saw was 2 men kissing, and his face was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. But, he adapted brilliantly, and he now says proudly that he is a “San Jose man” and he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Honestly, the culture here (San Jose, not San Francisco; there’s a big difference) fits both of us very well. Having said that, it is WAY too expensive to live here. The expense is honestly the biggest problem, almost insurmountable.

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Your husband sounds cute, BeckyZ. I have heard about the difficulty with property values. We have had that here, to some degree. But, when my brother lived there (SF), he took a bus 2 hours one-way to get to work to find affordable housing. I know its super tough out there.

I go to school with lots of students from Saudi Arabia. They ask me is I would ever visit. I tell them that I can barley keep from getting arrested HERE. They laugh. They know that Saudi Arabia is not for me.

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Huh what. I’m confused too. I mean sure there used to be a Krispy Kreme across the street from me, and after months of just buying coffee in there and just listening to all the people talk out loud how they just loved the donuts. Yeah I bought a dozen donuts and scarfed them all in one afternoon. But I felt like crap after and didn’t even want to think about a donut for a very long time after. Perhaps something is causing you to? But I’m not sure what. If it’s finances, well there are certainly ways to deal with this. But if it’s psychological you might want to make up your mind before you forget. I live in NY btw, and struggles are a daily occurrence. My roomie in college is now an anesthesiologist and he makes probably $350,000 a year now.
Congrats though, wtg. All the best.


Oh, I definitely couldn’t live in saudi Arabia. I was living in Egypt when I met my husband, and it was already too much for me. I kept getting in trouble because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about the corruption lol. Most Egyptian people are very nice, but the system is broken. We had a super difficult time deciding where to live because he only wanted to live somewhere that spoke English or Arabic, and I was an esl teacher at the time and didn’t want to live in saudi Arabia. Thank God, everything worked out, but we had several really rough years at the beginning. We only moved here so we could live with my parents, which we did for 3 years. I keep thinking we should try someplace else, but Mohamad loves his job, and he’s building the tallest building in San Jose so that’s a good reason to stay.

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Thats super exciting about his building. My buddy is moving back to Egypt when his parents retire. Wont be for a couple of years, but if you go back, let me know and I’ll give you his contact info. Ex-pats gotta stick together. He’s from Alexandria.

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Mohamad is also from Alexandria. It’s a gorgeous city, and Egyptians are good at building strong communities. We go back every year or two, especially after the baby is born and while his parents are still alive it will become very important.

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