I am gonna cry

if you check out yahoo group diabetescgms - there is a person on there that got Aetna to pay for the MM CGMS -she has an HMO - 100% DME coverage.

Dexcom filed my claim with Aetna this week Choice II PPO - 90% in network coverage/70% out of network coverage - i will try to keep the group posted…

Thanks for the update, and my reply from Aetna was not that they would not pay, but they look at each case, and they hope that I was not doing it for things to be easier(no finger testing). After they read my letter, I think they will rephrase their terminology.

I got lucky, in that my insurance company Blue Cross/Blue Shield WAS approving CGMS for everyone, until they abruptly changed their stance on this in June 2008. (I got the pump/CGMS system a few months earlier.) I do wear the MiniMed, and I do well by it. I also live alone, and have had diabetes close to 40 years. I have no hypoglycemia awareness left. Frankly, I would use a CGMS even if I had to pay for it out of pocket. I am frightened to sleep at night without one. I know that some Aetna policies DO cover CGMS, but apparently yours doesn’t. I trust that, in time, after endocrinologists see the positive changes in people’s BG control, they will force insurance companies to pay for them. (However, ObamaCare may stop them!)