New Ping and CGM

So after finding the BEST endo EVER here in Orlando FL he immediately saw that my disease has been out of control for a long time and my husband working overseas I scare of lows easily. So he put in for the Dexcom and come to find out my Ping has been out of waranty since Feb already. LOL Animas said I can have a trade in credit for $700 but I don’t have to and my portion should only be around $200.00. I have not heard back from them yet but Dexcom just called and said I’m covered at 85% and it was no issue. I am the happiest camper alive. If they aprove the new Ping as well I am going with a black one this time.

Oh and if they do not aprove yet b/c there really isn’t anything wrong with mine I"m still a happy camper. I’ll just use the one I have till we get to the 5 yr point and at that point it’s covered with no issues.

When is the joint cgm and ping coming out?

I think they projected 1 to 1.5 yrs. Depends on FDA and all that good junk. :o) They said if it happens sooner than later I can upgrade for 299 to the new system so that I don’t have to worry about being stuck with the old system.

I am soooooo happy for you.
This makes me even more determined to write the board at my HMO a nice letter and tell them how upset I am that their policies exclude me from the $700 and/or financing.
I’m not done yet!
Again, very very happy for you.

Please remind me - when does our ping go out of warranty? 5 years?

Four. I think Medicare makes people go for five, but the actual warranty is four.

I asked this question when I first applied for my Ping last December and they said a year. When I mentioned that at my Type 1 Women’s Group they laughed because they said they have been saying “one year” for quite awhile now!

But I’ll tell you the truth, I’m not as interested as I thought I would be. Now the closed loop system?? THAT interests me!

Why are you excluded from the 700 trade in? That is not right. I haven’t heard anything on the pump yet. I think with that huge cost that will take a few days. My portion on the Dex was 168 for the entire new 7+ system plus one month of sensors. After that I have a 42 copay on a box of sensors. I am really happy. For the pump it would be nice to get a new one but if I don’t I’m ok with that too. Mine still works fine. :o)

My HMO works with Carecentrix (used to be Gentiva).
The relationship for some dumb reason, precludes patients from obtaining the $700. And yes, I was told it is $700 except for patients in my position.
I got really upset last week. Carecentrix local, told me to call a number and request info on financial assistance.
I was on the phone for about an hour, only to be given all sorts of bad info.
The next day they were supposed to arrange a conference call at 9:30 am, they didnt call till 4:30. At that point the office they needed to connect me with was closed.
The next day the lady promised to call me once again (she was the local supervisor of nurses for Carecentrix).
I missed her call, left a voice mail and she never called back.
I finally found the right department. The lady there said I would have to make payments, most likely for $2500 (interest free). She was as rude as you could be. They dont like it when I tell them they are cheating me out of a $700 credit. They also didnt like the fact that Edgepark was trying to get some paperwork sent through for me. According to Edgepark, I am allowed to purchase through them. The local nurse at Carecentrix asked me what I was trying to use them for, and tore up their papers. This only added to my utter disgust for them.
Ya got me thinking on the Pod now. I dont think I would like all the features, but it may be worth seeing what they would cover. Maybe it would be better financially.
As for the hot tub issues, they say the insulin doesnt like the temperature…and I do keep the tub at 104.
But I only go in once a day, so maybe it could be worked out.
Hubby and I talked about it, am going to investigate a little bit further.

Let me know what you find out. I know that Insulet had a promo that was called cut the cord and you paid 200 and got the pdm for that price but had to order 3 boxes of pods but that went through insurance. The pods are just like the sets so it’s not the copays as if you were to get a pump directly. Good luck. I hope you can get something covered. Using the Pump till you can afford a newer one isn’t an option? Mine has been out of waranty for 3 months now without me ever knowing. lol I haven’t heard back yet on my status with the new pump.

Yep, but I would have to fall back on my Animas 1250, which I cant read too well (dark and scratched screen). Rep said they dont really do loaners.