I get my CGMS on Saturday!

Medtronics finally talked to my insurance company today and delivery is Saturday and insurance coverage is 100%, woohoo!!!

Your So lucky Medteonics won’t even Talk to Medicare about us Some ppl have been lucky enoufgh to get threw a indipendent insurance company but not Medicare ir TennCare to which I have been reduced to since both my husband and I are 100% permamantly disabled now! All our money has had to go to major surgery, transplants heartattacks and of course the meds to take care of that and after just talking to my rep this morning he said that those 2 insurances that I am on now will not cover it at allnow and probably not in the future either! When you get so down on your luck and have no money This is what your stuck with with no money and no $999.99 plus $ 35 apiece for EACH sencer! I don’t know about all the others out there but my bankaccount may hold -10.00 til the 3rd and then I get all of $480 and my simple meds that I have to have everymonth are anywhere from $525 a month to $950 a month so there goes that! But great for you!!!

Fantastic—you will love it…watch out though…seeing your BS rising can result in over correcting and some super lows…so be aware of your insulin on board and the 10-15 minute delay in readings… I caution you because i had lots of super lows my first 2 weeks on my CGM…

Thanks for the tip Mollie. How high would your bgs rise initially after eating, as I could see bolusing too soon as well?

Many times i will hit 200-230 after meals— i was bolusing 20 minutes b4 eating…now i go 30-40 - and i peak around 180(sometimes more still)— i like carbs…alot.

I am planning to try apidra soon----but i have 10 bottles of novolog and i dont like idea of switching back and forth.

Most of my highs were due to bad carb counting, not bolusing soon enough or a combination of the 2. I never realized prior to cgm how horrible of a carb counter i was…

got my latest a1c today and it came in at 6.1— so i am pleased with all i have learned—using dual wave/combo boluses are a life saver.

Woohoo! Congratulations Karen!
Just in time for Christmas. Hope you are enjoying the new toy.
I second Mollie’s advice - I got a stern warning about this from my endo as well.