There are people in our area (NE SD) who are using our site to stalk others with diabetes and spread all sorts of rumors about them with information obtained by what we say here. I can’t tell you how upset I am.
I have reported them to the PD and the AG’s offices…but I wanted to tell you, so that you are aware.

Diabetes is a very serious thing, and it is not to be made fun of, used as a weapon against anyone, or by any means used to mistreat another. Where do these people come from? Why are they so cruel? This is serious business, not just a passing “thing” as some have indicated. Diabetes kills, maims and hurts people. We are just trying to educate ourselves, and others, we are attempting to know as much as we can about this disease and how to deal with it. So why would people use it against us.

If anyone can help me understand this horrible monster like behavior, I’d appreciate it.

It just shows how weak they are. They have to hurt someone else to make themselves feel good. If only they could walk in your shoes for a day. They probably wouldnt make it. Try not to let it get to you. Yes, what they are doing is cruel and unacceptable, but you are not doing anything wrong and have nothing to feel bad about. Keep your head up and try not to let them fools get to you

You know more than I do Cathy about the stalkers …other than I know diabetes is VERY serious and I have hold it this way since I was diagnosed( 26 years ago ) …who are you referring to ? Please help me understand …and lay low on getting angry …it ups the BG …

I’m sorry, what exactly happened?

Very calmly, there are people in our area who are out to attack anyone who has a disability, of which they see diabetes as a disability. Because I have another disability, and I am out in public, they are determined to make a mockery of anything that I do. In our paper, we have a forum, that deals with public issues, they have posted things about my family, my children, my husband, and myself. They have copied some of the posts from here, and put them in their forum posts, alleging that if I can do exercises, etc I can work, which I can’t…that has been physician ordered. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that they would take this information about myself, my family, and from you to have their little petty parties about subjects they know nothing about.

So yes, you are right, anger does raise the BG’s; but I am sick about this. People here are good and are only trying to do the best they can…and these people have messed with a good thing. I am outraged at it. Are you in danger, no, they are wimps and would never face anyone one on one. But I wanted you to know what was going on, in case someone mentioned that they saw our posts on youtube.

Cathy J

Show me one of their forum posts Cathy…
Send me the url

I’m going to echo Judith’s response. This is not a winnable battle. That is, you’ll never get these people to change and you probably won’t get them to stop, they are petty and mean.

The best response is dignity. Stay calm, respond with facts if you have to respond at all, don’t give into emotion like these people have. Gather people around to support you and help you respond.

There are resources in your area - the Aberdeen Area Diversity Committee, for instance.

Just don’t respond in kind. Respond with calmness, kindness and facts.

Then give me the names and addresses of these a**holes and I’ll go rip them a new one.


Terry, that is very kind of you, and thanks for the offer to a “new one” for them. They are very cruel people who have no clue as to what it takes to get up every morning and know that there are going to be challenges that some you will meet and beat, some you will do fine, and others you will fail. And there is basically nothing you can do about it, except to go through it.

I am not openly angry, with them, it does no good. The Diversity committee is a good start, and I will contact them about expanding their scope to include those of us who are not of different ethnicities but still have challenges of being accepted as we are. Thank you,

Cathy J

OMG Cathy - either I live in a bubble world - but I have never heard of this type of form of … how do I put it … abuse??? It really makes me sad that people can stoop to this form of stupidity/cruelty/fill in the blank here. As others have said here -and I know you agree - don’t react to this - stay calm - don’t go down to their level. Keep us all posted - we’re here for you!!!

Here is your URL — you need to “join” the site, let me know, I’ll save you the trouble and PM them to you.

http://www.my605.com/forum/ Look under Diabetes, Gov’t studies on Obesity,Should I have kids or not.

that should give you enough of an idea of what these characters are about.

Cathy J

That’s so awful. I’m sorry that’s happening, Cathy. It’s horribly unfair.

Ok, I read the posts they made on a few of the topics. Wow, what sad small minded people they are. I feel bad they are being like this, and I feel sorry for them. It is a terrible thing to be of such a small mind with no compassion. Don’t try to make them understand or bother to teach them. I doubt they can be taught, certainly not empathy, compassion, or understanding.

I am proud to say that I fill many parts of his list and my children are well adjusted, beautiful, and intelligent. Some how I doubt he can say the same. Even if they are, they will suffer from being held to such small thinking. They will not be able to operate within a large multicultural company or other business where such views are a reason for termination.

I lived in Fargo for 8+ years coming there from northern MN. I had forgotten what some people are like there. Remember that according to the movie Fargo you can go to West Fargo and hire a killer. ha, ha Sorry, West Fargo! People can be awful, but as we have a freedom of speech there is not much to do but turn the other cheek.

Good luck, we support you! Don’t give in to this and try to ignore them. I know it is hard but I am not sure there is anything else you can do legally.

Unbelievable! I can’t even fathom people who would do this! I can’t answer you, Cathy! Please keep us all posted as to what kind of restitution if any you are able to get out of this matter, whether it be just stopping them or whatever. I, too, am clueless as to people like that’s motivation.