I am truely tired of being sick every other week!

So, here I am again typing on the forum. I get sick every other week, here I am, sick again. Im wondering if anybody else gets sick every other week! I get, the flu, colds, viral infections etc. So, yall as diabetics, how do you avoid this? My mom said vitamins would help but I haft to ask my fellow diabetics =D



What is different between the weeks you are ill and weeks you aren’t? Reading this, it seems to me that the solution lies in that answer to that question

every other week seems like there is some sort of pattern… if you can determine what is different between the weekends you are sick and the ones you aren’t, then you will know what is up.

Keep a log of things, no matter how insignificant they seem. I think you’re sharp enough that I bet it will jump right out at you

I rarely get sick and I figured this was true for most T1s. My guess was that our immune systems are hyperactive (as shown by our bodies willingness to attack our own pancreas’s) so they do a pretty good job of wiping out any virus or bacteria that comes our way.

Maybe you have allergies - these are a hyperactive immune response (like T1 diabetes is) and would explain a lot of the symptoms you list. My family history doesn’t include any other diabetics, but there are lots of relatives with allergies. Try to figure out when the symtoms come, like Scott suggests, and maybe you’ll find some suspects (housedust, pollen, cats, dogs, etc.) Ask you Dr. next time you have an appointment and they can test you.

Hi Michael,

I’m like you, I get sick frequently. Is your BG under control? High BG impairs the immune system and a couple of fellow posters have complained of flu like symptoms corresponding with highs. I’m currently taking liquid grapefruit seed extract which supposedly kills microbes and fungi. It makes me feel better almost instantly and I’ve seen it remedy illness in other people. It’s very inexpensive and can be found at health food stores or mega grocery stores. Follow the directions for mixing with water.

Quality vitamins can’t hurt. Are you getting enough Vitamin D? If you search the archives you’ll see where diabetics may need much more than the RDA. Some people are taking 2500 mgs/day. Vitamin D plays a big role in the immune system,

Hope this helps and wishing you good health! Life is too short to feel bad, yes?

I rarely get sick too… But My husband (non diabetic) often gets the colds before. These are the things we did…and apparently its working since we have not had the flu/colds for about 5 years now:

  1. Take Vitamin C. We both have a daily doze of 500 for me and 1000mg for him
  2. We have flu shots. Although Im not sure if this is really working, LOL
  3. Drink plenty of fluids
  4. Get fresh air once I awhile
  5. My husband hates veggies so…I force him to eat dark green, red, and yellow vegetables and fruits.
  6. Relax…(sounds weird huh? in a stressful world…this is sometimes difficult) But studies show that when we put our relaxation skills into action, our immune system respond against cold and flu viruses.
    Hope this helps a bit =)

I get sick frequently when stressed. and I have very bad allergies. My advice is to find out if there is something comprimising your immune system. do some yoga or meditation it really helps.

I have gotten every innoculation the doctor can think of, so I haven’t been as sick this year. Just sore arms! LOL

Vitamin B Complex and C and D…Well, a good Multi-Vitamin cant hurt. Eating healthy helps alot…I keep telling my daughter that one. LOL Hope you figure something out that works for you and you feel better.

Hey Michael,

You’re right. Life is too short to feel bad!

Be careful with Vit C because doses over 100 mg causes false low readings. The Vit C reacts with the chemical strips to give inaccurate results.

I hardly ever get sick, but don’t know why. I eat a lot of veggies. Maybe that helps. I think taking Vit D3 (D3 oil caps are the best form) has helped because my husband was sick several times this winter & I didn’t catch what he had.

Getting enough sleep & exercise really helps the immune system.

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Wouldn’t worry too much Mike, it sounds like a case of Man-flu :smiley:

If you are worried about any deficiencies you could no doubt get the majority checked via a blood test when you next visit your docs.

I hardly get sick either I think Scott is on the right path by keeping a log of things it might seem like such a waste of time but it does help for example my diary has everything in it and I see some diabetics dont even right when they take their long acting insulin and then take double making life harder for themselves I think.

Michael I would also try and get a blood test done because sometimes we cant see whats on the inside.
Good luck and I hope you feel better because its no nice being sick at all let alone every other week.

What everybody else said plus don’t forget to wash your hands. You can also carry around with you a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer.

I seem to have a sinus or ear infection every other week. It would seem anyway. Constant battle . I’m a firm believer in garlic capsules. The soft gels are easily digested and can help.
I’ve heard that when you feel a cold coming on, to take two capsules three times a day. Twice is good too. It’s supposed to shorten the life and strength of the cold.
Just what I’ve heard.

I don’t really get sick very often, but once I get the flu, I’m down for the count for days (from flu to ear infection).

I avoid getting sick bc I’m a avid hand washer. I eat pretty healthily. When ur sick, go OUTSIDE and get fresh air. I even will open the windows in the house to air out the sickness. I sleep with the fan on too, sometimes, if I’ve been in one room too long while sick.

Don’t aviod getting sick because ur body needs the bacteria in the body to learn how to fight off sicknesses. I’m an avid believer in “When sick, rest. Then, when you can stand, go outside for a few hours.” (Even if it’s cold)

Hope you feel better!

I agree with the going outside.
I don’t sleep with a fan, hubby doesn’t like it. LOL But I have used a vaporizor which puts moisture in the air.
Alot of what you said is great info

I’m also an avid hand-washer. I have a habit of always washing my hands first thing when I come into my house from any outing.

Jewels- Thanks! :slight_smile:
It’s funny cuz I’m the one with the low immune system due to T1D but my fiance is the one who is constantly bringing these sicknesses home from work. HE gets sick and struggles with it for weeks. I get sick and struggle for only days. haha. Tho my sicknesses are amplified, his are very long-term. haha.

Oh well.

I’ve heard the garlic theory too, plus it lowers cholesterol levels which is also good.

Hi Michael,

You remind me of before I learned tighter control of my D. For many years from childhood to adulthood I was plagued with illness (I learned much later in life it was due to not knowing how to control/manage my D). Now that I know how to better control my bs I rarely get sick. If you do have tight control perhaps it could be something else but whatever it is don’t stop trying to find an answer and DON’T BLAME YOURSELF.

I felt really similar last winter. I kept getting sinus infections, and I tried a lot of things, including a CT scan. The thing that’s helped me greatly was an allergy test (I didn’t realize I had any allergies–but it turns out I do, to dust and grass). The doc told me I was likely getting hit twice as hard by colds and things. I tried everything–all sorts of vitamins and herbal stuff, sinus rinses, and on and on. But after I figured out what I was allergic to, getting a HEPA filter vacuum and using a nasal steroid (plus Afrin, for just a few days when I started to feel sick). I’m doing a lot better now, knock on wood. It can really get you down. I was told I needed more evaluation and that turned out to be the case. Don’t give up!