I blame psych meds for getting diabetes, Zyprexa / Olanzapine

All I wanted was a pill to go to sleep and was told that “insomnia is symptom of depression” those didn’t work made me worse.

Xanax and maybe you are bipolar… Try this too…

A lot of those drugs were later “discovered” to cause diabetes when the drug companies got caught covering it up.

Worst mistake of my life falling for psychiatry’s serotonin scam.

They claimed it was safe for anxiety and insomnia and pushed it on children and the elderly.


They knew the whole time people were getting diabetes but were making billions so they covered it up.


I’m so sorry this happened. My husbands’ LADA was also caused by a variety of medical issues that were mishandled. He was on a multitude of pain meds then had a surgery where a “clean” single use medical tool wasn’t sanitized properly. He went into septic shock and had a pancreatitis attack. We found out 8 months later after a 30 lb weight loss despite eating 3000 calories a day that he was in DKA with a bs level of 513 and A1C of 13.2.

It has been extremely challenging physically and emotionally.

We are trying to focus on the positives.
1- He is ALIVE. The night he went into septic shock I honestly thought I saw him take his last breath. Screaming at your husband to breath works apparently! So do paramedics.
2- Diabetes helps us look at our lifestyle and make healthy choices daily.
3-We have learned so much in the past month since diagnosis about the body and how everything works.
4-We have found amazing support from others both online and IRL.
5-Our faith is being tested; which we know will bring strength, trust, and growth.

Those are just 5 things. There are more.

Is it difficult? YES
Does it make sense? NO
Is it easy? F#@& NO

This journey is not for the faint in heart, it’s not something that we chose for ourselves to follow. Follow we must though!
I hope that you can find peace. I’m not sure yet that total peace can be attained but I know the we can find the peaceful moments. The moments of acceptance, and the moments that we can cling to when we are weary.

Carry on and don’t carry burdens you don’t need to.

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