All of a sudden my feet hurt

I’ve noticed that as of the past 2 weeks or so I can’t walk barefoot in my own house because I can’t stand the feeling of the hard wood floor touching my feet and I used to love the smoothness of my wood floor against my feet. This is weird because about 10 years ago I used to have extremely sensitive feet where I had to sleep with socks cause I couldn’t stand the feeling of the sheets or blankets touching my feet . Well I dealt with that for about 3 years and suddenly it became less and less severe to the point of barely any thing at all . So for the past 7 years I can sleep without socks and everything has been good . However as of the last week it’s back in full force and last night was the first night that I had to sleep with socks again . The other day my 6 year old was joking around with me and started to tickle my feet, would you believe that
It felt so bad that I couldn’t even stand it for even 10 seconds . The crazy thing about all of this is that my bl have been better . By the way I’m a type 1 going on 23 years with diabetes and I wear the pump. I just hope this isn’t the start of something that’s only gonna get worse and the heels on my feet are so hard that they hurt I put gasoline on them everynight and not working

I meant to say Vaseline not gasoline that would be a real problem ( sorry it’s the word correcter on my phone that Changed the word on me )