I can't keep my eyes off my pump

My four years were up and was able to upgrade to the medtronic 522 and along with it got insurance approval (thanks Anthem) for the continuous glucose monitor, I’ve been on it for about a week and am really having fun with it. Nothing like looking down at the pump and being able to see an approximation (very important distinction) of what your BG is and in what direction its heading. Generally I get pretty good correspondence between the sensor readings and my meter readings but occasional they can be off by 50 plus. This is usually during times of rapid drop or ascent and the sensor will lag behind. Hopefully the technology will continue to improve. Also greatly looking forward to minimed going to a tubeless (see Omnipid) version of the pump.

Hehe, I have the Guardian, and I think it only took me one week to go through the first battery because I kept looking at the graphs and of course using the back-light which drains the battery. I’m not quite as neurotic about it as I was that first week, but I totally know what you’re talking about. I don’t know if you go back as far as urine testing, but it’s enough to make my brain explode considering I went from pee tests to now this and being able to see just what my BG is going.