I can't stand it when

I am NOT being “happy go lucky” and my husband thinks he is being cute he’ll ask me “maybe you need to check your sugar…” AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My mother does the same thing. If I don’t answer or reply to her conversation right away and may I add w/ the “right” answer based on her opinion, then she asks “is your sugar OK?”

Apparently I am not allowed to be in a bad mood or a little tired w/o being hypoglycemic :wink: ----- am I the only one bothered by this type of remark?

hmmm…i think it is better than being asked, “are you on your period!”

but yes, it can be irriatating…but for me, if asked if i am low—most of the time those asking are right—

oh yes, i guess the period question would bother me too… except i haven’t had one since the end of 2002! (i was pregnant, then breastfeeding, then pregnant again then breastfeeding then pregnant again and now again breastfeeding, i actually can’t wait to have my period again :slight_smile: and not be breastfeeding or pregnant ever again… maybe then my husband and mother will change their questions to “are you on your period” rather than thinking my suger is out of sorts :wink:

Yes those know-it-alls drive me crazy!!! My husbands the sameway!!! No we’re not allowed to have our off days unless it’s our bs doing it to us!!! Are you like me when they do this stupid thing “I really want to hurt you but I know I can’t or I’ll go to jail” Honey never worry theres a lot of us out there!!!

My husband has been known to ask me to test when I am being abnormally sensitive (Which is pretty darn sensitive considering how I am normally)
And yes, it irritates me to no end!!! But what irritates me even more is that when he tells me to test, he is usually on the money and I am in deperate need of a correction or 15 grams of sugar.

It’s best if people ask what it is that’s wrong. Then if we’re can’t seem to find an answer (or just reply in a wonderfully pissy way), then a mild suggestion to test is in order.

My husband ALWAYS knows when my sugar is too low or getting there- but the “maybe you need to check your sugar” that bothers me is the ones he asks just to bug the crap out of me (the ones with a smile on his face, knowing it’s going to bother me, which he is very successful in doing :wink: don’t get me wrong, other than that - he is pretty good.

I get that a lot to. It annoys the hell out of me cause I feel like people are making excuses for me for my bad moods. I will snap someone’s head off and they will say it is ok, she is diabetic, her sugar is probably low or high. I guess they think they are doing me a favor by making an excuse for why I am in a bad mood. Just want to be treated normal.

Like, Mollie, the people who ask me are usually right…So, what bugs me is that they can tell I’m low when I can’t. Sigh. Everyone seems VERY flustered and angry when I’m low (and I get REALLY low). I can’t say that I know how they feel, because I haven’t ever seen anyone, other than Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias, have a severe hypoglycemic reaction. So, I don’t know if it’s me and my low or really how they are acting that seems to be over the top. I wish that everyone would stay calm and not “freak out”. I know it must be scary though because in the back of their minds they have this sometimes uncooperative person who doesn’t have much further to drop. Is there a Tu Group for spouses without diabetes? I need to look at the list again…


Let me know if you find one… my husband would benefit :slight_smile:

WOW… My mom is definetly a much lighter version of yours :wink: I think I’m gonna go eat a life saver now… :wink: (j/k, LOL)

I can speak to both ends of this - as a person with diabetes, it does rub me the wrong way when someone askes if I’m low when I’m being particularly silly.

However, as the wife of a person with diabetes who does not always see his lows coming… it’s absolutely essential that a) I ask him if he should check his blood sugar and b) he check it, even if he knows he’s not low. In fact, if the kids ask him to check, he does, no matter what. It shows us that he knows we care about him and he’s doing what he can to stay safe.

I know sometimes it bothers him but (having been the person who had to treat his beligerent low/make the decision to call the ambulance/convince him to pull the damn car over) it’s the only thing that works for us.

point well taken :slight_smile:

The same thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. Boy do I HATE it when family do this! I hate it b/c it blaming everything on diabetes is a way of non-chalanting my feelings, my mood. I can very well have a legitimate complaint and this complaint has absolutely nothing to do with my diabetes! I can get really furious when family members flipantly make such assumptions!

I am in Chemo/Radio therapies right now, and sometimes I am just having a bad day (we’re all entitled to the damn things. . . ) Now, I am not one to wallow and i am don’t spend all day being pissy for the most part, but every now and again I have my moments where my sugarly may or maynot be low and that is the magic and instant answer from those around me.
Sometimes, we just have an off day. I am a diabetic, but I am also a person!

I hate it when friends and family ask me that, too. I have had hypos from time to time, but I still get annoyed being asked. I’m a mild mannered guy so when I show any other type of behavior, I get the check your sugar comment even when I know it’s fine. It’s gotten to a point that when I’m socializing in a crowd, I just about keep my emotions in check so as not to get that comment. It was the reason I got a continuous glucose monitor to see and treat trends, but now I get, “did you check your monitor…let me see.” What’s even worse is the re-living of the hypo after the episode. I’ll get the comments did you know you did this or that, or they’ll tell other people who weren’t there describing the episode as it’s called. It’s just hurtful and another part of the disease I continuously work at managing.

Hi. Wow - very interesting comments here. I am not a diabetic - but my daughter is. I ask her “are you low” or “do you feel shaky” when she’s moody or silly. But hearing your comments, I think I’ll try to find a way that still protects her when she needs it but not at her expense (if that makes any sense!). If I figure out any solutions, I’ll let you know. Thanks for brining this to my attention!

I hate being asked that too. Sometimes they’re right.

My kidney doc said that diabetes are sometimes sensitive when asked about their blood sugar. Understatement of the year maybe?

Yes, the “playback:” stories of lows can be really awkward. I see (or maybe miss altogether) lows through my eyes & abnormal consciousness. Other folks can see things more clearly. In the past, I have asked people i know, “how inappropriate was I?”:

I would be curious to see myself having a low on video, to see what other people see. I know lows can scare people too.

You could always reply: “I think you need a laxative.”