These are two of three very important people in my life. I'm very proud of these two kids.

I love watching them dance at competitions. They have so much fun.

This is one of the reasons I joined tudiabetes so that if I'm having trouble with my diabetes and need advise (other than the doctor but not instead of), I know where I can now go.

I want to keep my diabetes under control so that I can watch them grow up go to college and become great adults.

I know this sounds sappy, but I guess I'm a sappy kind of person.

Thank you for the load of the soap box. :-)


That’s ok Angela:)
We all have our “sappy” moments… but Wow! They look GREAT! You’ve got what it takes;now just keep moving thru the steps that you need to take. We’re here for you.
MeadowLark by the way Do you have them in action? like a dgital that you could put in YouTube? I’d love to see them:)