I don't get this at all

I just don’t understand this at all…

Do the so-called “bad foods” affect people the same?

I tested today and was a 6.3 (113 in the scale that seems most used here).
I went out and had a totally “bad” chinese smorg for lunch, full of sweet sauces, rice, noodles, and all the various meat dishes, chicken balls with the coating they have, all the things that I have been told makes a person’s blood-sugar skyrocket.

I tested again after 2 hours to see how badly it affected me…

I was a 6.2 (112)

Why was my reading not through the roof??

The meal had complex carbs, and fats… often times that pushes readings to spike way past the 2 hour marker… often, at 3-6 hours. This is usually more observable in dishes like pizza. The fat and the fiber hugely slow down digestion, and slow down your spike… But there is, most undecidedly, a spike… Try testing lots later than 2 hours (ie, every half hour or hour aftewards), the next time you eat a similar meal.

ok it’s been about 3 hours now… will test again now and maybe in another hour

Thank you for the info.

After 3 hours it’s still 6.2.

If certain foods cause a later than normal spike, how do you know when you should be testing?

I’ve had spikes from high fat meals show up as late as 5 hours or more later. Lots of oil used in Chinese food.

To answer your question, it’s trial & error & lots of testing. Hope it doesn’t effect you bady.

Well it’s the third time I have had Chinese after being diagnosed and the other 2 times I don’t recall any bad effects.

Will do a couple more tests just to see.

(part of me is still in denial since i was diagnosed about a month ago and hoping BG test results will prove that the hospital made an error)

Hope the hospital is wrong! If they’re not, don’t push it with meals like this:)

I am sure it’s extremely rare for them to make an error… but I have to grasp at straws as long as i can lol

maybe i was dehydrated, I have heard that can affect the result, and I got quite ill a couple days after the test, maybe the oncoming illness had an effect on the results. (reaches for more straws)

Yes very wise advice to not push it. I find it odd though that in the … approx 5 weeks, I have eaten most of the same things, and never had a reading below 4 or above 8.8 (just one time at each of those)

After 4 hours it’s 6.1.

It is going to take time first of all keep that log of bg before and after meals include exercise in there and what you ate is important. I know that measuring is impossible but try to keep as close track as best you can. There is more than just food that will effect your bgL and not all foods work the same on all people. for me white bread, peanut butter and corn will spike me i can have beer and ice cream with no effect at all.

Yeah I’m still not sure what spikes me. The nutritionist told me “whatever you are doing keep it up” but at that point I had been eating all the same things I had always eaten. I’m now watching carbs a lot more closely with the odd “binge” day for testing.

Update: After 5 hours it’s 4.9.

how does that scale work?

You multiply his numbers by 18, and you get mg/dL.

It’s a possibility, roo, that you’re meal maybe didn’t have a lot of fat, but instead, a lot of sugar… and the spike happened more around 75 min or so. That’s when I test, usually, to check for spikes… It’s a weird, thing, having the ‘Touch of Sugar’ sometimes. :slight_smile:

ok that is the mmol then

Well the fried chicken part would have had lots of fat, most of the meat dishes actually.
Geeze it’s all so confusing and to be honest quite overwhelming.

6 hours later and 5.2 (94 your scale)

And starting to get pretty hungry so I think I better eat again :wink:

Lizmari, doesn’t everyone spike after a meal even non-diabetics and the issue is how fast you return to normal levels after?

I am envious as far as BG results are concerned !!..well not really …not a favourite of Chinese foods , because of your observation …: HUNGRY soon ? …are there hidden additions such as MSG 's ? …try to do the excersice ( sp ??) again and let us know …thanks !!!

Imhotep – at least your bg numbers didn’t skyrocket… I just had Chinese food… I was at 137 and now I’m at 251… sucks!! Grrrrr…

YAY …DF …exercise works , agree ??..no matter what type of meds you take , diabetes and exercise plus meds …for some …go hand in hand :slight_smile: My flag out to you !!

After reading your numbers and the ones that Duck also posted, I again say “I don’t get this at all…” my numbers just don’t make sense…

total confused look

I asked the Dr about a large number of small skin-tags that had grown in my armpits. He says that often they are more frequent in people with diabetes. I went in for the 2 hour glucose drink test and they said my results came back at 11.3. Although, I found it odd that the results did not come in for 3 days when they had said they would be in the next day. Made me wonder if mine got lost or mixed up with someone else’s (again me grasping at straws). I keep wondering if I should request a new test sometime.
No other symptoms that I am aware of, but I do not know all of the possible symptoms.
Maybe it was just caught very early.

try measuring after 1 hr ?
after 3-4 hrs ? (fatty meals take a while to digest)
day after?
did you do vigorous physical activity a day or 2 before ?
thats the beauty of self monitoring, lets you know how you react to certain foods?
its a good idea to double check unusually high, low, or abnormal readings.
did you recalibrate your meter for the test strips?

I did not try measuring after one hour as I was under the impression (possibly mistakenly) that 45mins to one hour after you eat is when the levels are supposed to be highest, and the two hour mark would show you how fast your body is returning the BG levels to normal. I thought even non-diabetics have the spike at 45mins to one hour after since that is when your body has digested the meal into sugars but I have not had anyone confirm or deny this.

Yes my meter was re-calibrated (new chip put in plus I had the pharmacist test the meter when I consistently seemed to always get “normal” readings. I would not say “vigorous” physical activity, but I do 1/2 hour on the exercise bike in the mornings mon-fri.

Recapping my readings:

For breakfast I had a bagel (61grams) 1 tablespoon of sucralose sweetened jam (5grams) (I know I know the bagel was bad). ashamed

Before lunch 11:55am - 6.3 (113)
2 hours after - 6.2 (112)
3 hours after - 6.2 (112)
4 hours after - 6.1 (110)
5 hours after - 4.9 (88)
6 hours later - 5.2 (94)

Nothing to eat since lunch. No exercise since 10am.

Then for supper I had oven roasted chicken and a green salad with 1tbsp of dressing (1gm of carbs in the dressing).

Oops I almost forgot I had an orange sometime before bed as well, not sure what time.

Before bed at 11pm - 4.6 (83)