I found a keeper!

I went to yet a new Endo a few weeks ago and after going over my history and meds his first question was “why do the other doctors have you on all the top dollar medications? I think we can change this!” Hooray! We traded in 3 Type 2 pills that cost me $150 a month to one pill that cost me $11.99 a month. AND control is much better.

I’m also on Levimir twice a day. His question was “When was the last time you increased your insulin?” My response “Every 3 months when I saw the Endo. She told me what to do.” He was astonished that they had not taught me how to increase my own insulin to get my fasting numbers to normal. So, off I went with a 4 day titration schedule and have been taking care of it myself since.
I feel empowered! (still haven’t gotten my fasting numbers under control though :frowning:

Looking through the last year of test results his question was “How do you know you’re Type 2? They have not run a GAD65 or a c-peptide test on you.” At that point I just wanted to tell him how much I loved him…He’s not going to assume anything!

So, tomorrow I go for my blood work to find out for certain what type I am. I think it will still say I am Type 2 but I wont wonder anymore and that will be good. Also he added a glycomark in on the list of tests I just googled it because I have never heard of it before (link attached at bottom) I think it’s great they can check not just your 3 month average but also your hyperglycemic levels over a 2 week period.


Congratulations! Sounds like you are in good hands.

There is nothing better than a competent endo who helps to put you in charge of your life. I’m glad you found him!

Gosh. I am so jealous. I’ve been repeatedly denied the antibody tests as well as insulin. I was begrudgingly given the c-peptide, which came out low, and then told c-peptide does not mean anything. The glycomark is a very new diagnostic tool designed to help identify postprandial excursions. Certainly not approved by the mainstream, it is argued that it is much better than HbA1c or fructosamine for monitoring the post meal highs. It sounds like you have a winner.

What a great doc! So happy for you.


Did you find a doctor who would prescribe insulin?

You’re in great hands! Please keep us updated!

In short no. I got a new endo who is well thought of, but he thinks I am t2 and put me on two meds. It is clear they are not working, my blood sugar control is nearly as bad as when I was first diagnosed. It is very hard finding a good doctor. I am sure Samantha would agree. You need to give the doctor a chance and you don’t just get that from one visit. With my current endo, he has plusses and minuses. He was on top of the vitamin D, I’d be repeatedly denied the test, he did order it, and I am severely deficient. He also is aggressive about blood sugar control, wanting my HbA1c below 6.5% and preferably below 6%. My previous doctor wanted me to raise my HbA1c above 7%. On the minus, he firmly believes me a t2, that the low c-peptide does not mean anything and has yet to agree to an antibody test. Of course, he also won’t give me insulin until he proves to himself that no oral medications work.

I’m really happy for you. That’s wonderful!

Sorry to hear this. Quite frustrating since more T2s are being prescribed insulin & often with oral meds. Hard to accept that he’s encouraging a lower A1c without giving you the means to get there more easily. You’re clearly so well-informed on diabetes issues & I’ve enjoyed your posts. Thanks for all the info you share.

I question if doctors are hesitant to prescribe insulin because of their liability (regarding potential hypos) & also if it’s tied to the amount of time it takes to educate patients about using insulin. Easier to prescribe pills. With so many LADAs being misdiagnosed as T2s it’s equally frustating to be denied a GAD.

I thought you were taking insulin because of your post on the recent injection discussion about injecting in your stomach.

I think I lucked out on finding someone so quickly. It took 1 year, almost to the day. My PCP is great he knows how picky I am and helped with the search. I have only seen this endo once but my gut says he’s the one! Hey, I didn’t even have to ask for the tests.

I hope you can sway your new endo quickly!

I appreciate the sympathetic ear. I concluded personally about two years ago that I was going on insulin and came to terms with it. I’ve studied it extensively. I own Using Insulin, Think Like a Pancreas, and many other books as well as having access to published literatures. I’ve on Byetta for some time, so I am quite comfortable with injections. I wanted to see if I could inject in alternate sites, and despite much information I’ve only been able to work with my stomach. My previous doctor had fought tooth and nail against insulin, arguing that I would kill myself with hypos and become fat. I am convinced it was a liability issue, she never would take to time of day to see if I had any knowledge about insulin and she also refused to refer me to my diabetes center for insulin classes. I’ve been really hard on my Dr’s trying to get the care I think I need, and I know I complain a lot. But I mostly feel really bad about people who go to see doctors, trusting them and don’t get proper diagnosis and treatment. This stuff can lead to serious consequences and it is avoidable.

Not that it’s advisable to do on your own, but some states don’t require an Rx for some types of insulin & for syringes. VA doesn’t. I get syringes from American Diabetes Wholesale. They’re cheaper through them than at pharmacy with my co-pay. Crazy. ADW is listed on TuD under “About Us.” Members get a discount. Of course, insulin costs a fortune without an Rx for insurance.

Nice attitude from your previous doc, geesh. Sad how we have to be quite assertive & knowledgeable to get what we need from the medical profession.

Well I appreciate the suggestion. I live in VA and only the newer analogue insulins require a prescription. I’ve certainly considered just starting insulin my own, but such an action in direct contradiction to my doctors orders is not a recipe for a good doctor-patient relationship. As it turns out, insulin at Walmart is $23/vial, the same as my co-pay, and dramatically cheaper than Byetta. I’ll be seeing my endo again in January, and it should be be pivotal appointment. Maybe if things turn south, I can ask Samantha for a referral.

Nope, not a good path for a relationship with your doctor. Sure is aggravating. Hope things are positive at your Jan appt. Samantha’s endo sounds great. I’ve been through several until I found one supportive of my goals. I got to the point of frustration where I simply told the latest what I was striving for & asked if he’d help me get there.