I get so tired of people telling me about Diabetes

I started work about 6 months ago ,I was not going to tell anyone about y D but I had a low and had too .From that day if they see me eat something they tell me I don’t need that ,if I don’t eat a lot they say I need to eat more .one person even told me I neede to go to some diabetic classes ! LOL I wanted to say something but I was taught not to be disrespectful !
Their favorite line is I know someone with diabetes and…
I wish they had never found out it !!! Does this drive y’all crazy ?

hey Tyler, have you ever seen this video on "The Diabetes Police"? there are some good tips and it's pretty funny too.

Yes Tyler, It does drive me crazy. Good for you for not being disrespectful, it gets tiresome but try to remember that folks mean well and they are simply ignorant. Don't make a new job of trying to educate everyone.

Absolutely, people think that they are being helpful when they are not. I used to just shrug it off because I like you did not want to be disrespectful; however, their behavior is disrespectful to me. I politely let them know that I am in control of my diabetes and that I take the proper precautions to make sure that I take care of myself and though I appreciate their concern it is not warranted. As for the I know someone with diabetes I just ask them if the person they know is type 1 or type 2. Most of the time they don't even know there's a difference to which I inform them that there is. I just treat them as if they don't know any better, address it, and move on. I'm sure it will continue to happen and I will continue to put them in their place and get them out of my business. I stubmled across something like diabetes etiquette online a while back, it was a chart of how to approach people living with diabetes I thought about printing it and handing it out in these situations. In the end do whatever is comfortable for you.

Best Luck

LadyD, that etiquette card is here

Mike also has another good video on how to deal with your family during the holidays, with the feasting etc.

I think it's worse when you're young, Tyler. People love to pass on their "knowledge" to young people -- even when they have no idea what they're talking about. I guess it's a good and natural instinct to want to help young people rise up to their full potential, but sometimes people can be VERY overbearing -- even to me and I'm 55 and 80% silver-haired!

I try to remember that their intentions are usually good, even if they are ignorant and seem bossy. Usually I'll just smile and not respond. There's not much point in arguing with them, is there? I just smile and do what I want to do.

If they get really pushy I just say, "I prefer to work on things like this with my diabetes team, but thanks for your concern." or "I have a dietician I consult about my diet, so please don't give it another thought."

thanks guys I knew it probably bothered everyone . I work at chic-fil-a and they were passing out little bite size pieces of their new brownies ,they all said no you cant have one dont you know you can lose your limbs or go blind if you eat a brownie . My mom said next time they have anything like that I should just get one like everyone else does and pop it in my mouth before they can say anything LOL
When I got off I bought one and started eating it while they all just looked at me .Lady D said when you ask if it is type1 or 2 they donr even know .

Yep, they don't know.

I get so frustrated with this. I usually say something like, "Well, you probably know about type 2 diabetes, and I have type 1 and that's actually a completely different condition. I appreciate your concern, but I've been dealing with this since I've been a toddler, so I'm ok. Thanks." That response alone usually shuts people up. However, if there is any mention of cinnamon or Halley Berry, what is said next is probably not appropriate for this forum.

LOL mybustedpanreas I think I am going to use that line !! And I have heard those 2 words I was like what has Halley berry got to do with this LOL ,then my mom told me .

There seems to a push in this country by conservatives to allow citizens to shoot first and ask questions later. I hope that never goes through to become the law of the land and the norm of action, because I think I would kill a lot of people. My standard line is: "Thanks for your concern. I know what I can and cannot have and have chosen accordingly. What would you like to know about the nutrition on my plate?"

I have a co-worker who reminds a few of our clients: "If you don't stop eating/drinking that, you are going to catch diabetes." So far, i have held my tongue on that one, but it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Wow you're good. Reading this I already hear the smart a*! in me replying to that one. " If you do manage to "catch" diabetes I'd love to see you throw it at this yahoo." LOL, I have very bad thoughts sometimes.

Actually, that was one of my mother's questions to my endo after diagnosis. "Well what about Halle Berry?" I give her a pass, being a mom to 2 teenage type 1 daughters would have made anyone grasp at staws.

You could also ask how many carbs are in the sample. Probably less than 4, depending on what you consider bite sized. That isn't too bad. Should you also avoid all fruits? A banana usually has around 30g carbs.

They mean well, so try not to bite their head off, even though you feel like knocking them out. Yeah, we all hear it. When I was 12, this lady at church kept telling me that if I drank herbal tea every night it would cure my diabetes. She was totally well intentioned, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Yep, it's a good idea to keep guns away from me, too. I can be very patient for a very, very long time and then when I've had exactly ENOUGH I can have a very sharp tongue.

Nothing good would come of arming me when I'm at my breaking point!!!

Are you listening, diet police? LOL The next stranger who sidles up to me at a social gathering and starts whispering to me about their father's cousin's wife who lost a hundred pounds juggling gogi berries and bathing in cabbage broth should be VERY grateful that I'm not packing any heat.

Oh yikes! I am sorry. As if having D isn't hard enough. I've had to opposite problem where it seems like most people don't have a clue. Which kind of scares me when it comes to hypo episodes. One time I was talking with some people who knew I had D and I started having a hard time getting my thoughts across and jokingly some one said, "uh, oh give her a shot of insulin." NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Of course then again I think it would be a pretty painless way to go. :) My husband will give me grief now and again, but I let him since that's good for our marriage. And most of the time he's right. (even though I hate to admit it). I haven't had type 1 diabetes for very long so maybe I've yet to run into these problems.

Oh, I hate it when people say things like that!! The ignorance out there just astounds me. I also hate it when, upon informing someone that I have type 1, they say, "Oh, so you have the bad kind of diabetes." Grrrrr.


Nice! Yeah, a woman from housekeeping was cleaning my office last week and told me she that it was the worst day of her life because she was diagnosed with diabetes. She knows that I have diabetes (Strike 1). I humored her for a while and asked her what medication they prescribed and she said she didn't even know she let her daughter right it down, but it was some kind of pill (Strike 2). I told her to read up on it learn about carb counting and get as much info from her doc as possible. The she asks me " You have the bad kind because you have to take shots right?" (Strike 3) I said, "They’re both bad, if you'll excuse me I need to make a call." I proceeded to check my voicemail knowing there were no messages. LOL

Diabetes Burnout by Polonsky is a good read. I find it helpful. It explains how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of good diabetes control. I recommend it. It helps for those people who have to deal with the nagging people around them, as well as the people who don't care about your condition.