I give up on this CGM

so since about 7:16, my cgm is stuck, on, the sensor warmup period, i have call dexcom did got to work, for about a hour, then it was right back to, the same thing,. i give up, on what to do,. help.

here what is says, on my phone,.

Call Dexcom again. And again, if necessary. This is clearly not working. My guess is a bad sensor. If so, they’ll replace it…

Or maybe the transmitter isn’t fully seated??

@erice – Do you have a separate receiver? If so, does the receiver display a reading? If the receiver displays a reading and the G5 app on your phone does not, then that tells you that your sensor and transmitter are working and that It’s an app (software) or Bluetooth connectivity failure. While you are learning how to best use a CGM, I would recommend that you use both a Dexcom receiver and your iPhone at the same time.


i do have a separate receiver, just had to find it, it display a reading,.

& i did call them, they think it a, Bluetooth connectivity failure,.

i just don’t sleep, well without, my cgm,.