I got the omnipod!

and i loooooooooove it.
its really nice. :smiley:
and it doesnt feel weird at allll.
i carry everything in one pouch, its sooo easy!

its so convienient, (sp) and the site changes have been PAINLESS so far! it is sooo much better than i expected.
i barely feel diabetic, cause i dont have any tubes on me and i dont have to take shots! :smiley:
immmm sooooo happyyy. ahahah.

Good luck with the omnipod Carly. It is a great device. I got mine Monday and Thursday started on insulin. Can’t believe how well it is doing with my blood sugars. Keep me informed how it is going with you.

Cooooollllll :slight_smile:

Oh I am so happy for you! Wow…great! Congratulations sweetie!

Congrats Carly. I hope the OmniPod is able to make life a little easier. Be Free!

So happy to hear you are happy so far with the OmniPod. My little boy has been wearing a “fake” one around for a few days now, actually, this is his second “fake” one. The endo wanted him to experience what it would feel like to wear one before we get to the pump stage. He just started on Multi-injections and we are so proud that he is giving his own injections now. Please keep blogging about how it goes okay, it really helps!!


Congrats on becoming a Podder. I started Podding in May 2008. I enjoy every minute of it. :slight_smile:

Congrats Carly! Glad to hear things are going so well. Caleb was been Podding for over two and a half years and we have also been pleased. I wish you all the best!