I got to put that child lock on my pump!

I have a sensor, and it will a lot of times remind me that my BS is going up, so I give myself insulin, then sometimes 5 mins later it warns me again, sometimes I will clear it, but then sometimes if it has been over an hour I will give more, especially when there is two arrows! And it hasn’t leveled off even yet! (meaning that there isn’t any arrows)
My stress level was waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy lower when I was on shots, this pump will be the death of me yet!
I am getting almost to the point of just taking it off totally, and if I go, then I go, adios:) I won’t do that but at times, thought life would be easier on the MM pump? Thats was their phone commercial used to say, they lye!
sommmeee daay, over the rainbow they will find a cure, lol, after people donate allll their money to the ADA!

Rick, just a thought-what was your insulin to carb ratio for each meal when you were on shots? Maybe instead of just the standard 1-15 that you are using now (which you don’t seem happy with) maybe you could try the ratios you used on shots and see if they work any better to keep your blood sugar in your target range. Have you tested your ICR like I explained earlier yet? If you had that correct, I don’t think you would need to keep correcting.