I gotta cold and really high blood sugars

I am dragginnnggg…oh my god it is taking me forever to get anything done. Feeding myself seems monumental today.

Hang in there sounds like the cold i just got over. I would just try to eat when you feel like you can. Just keep drinking fluids.

For me, having a cold and high blood sugars go together! If you are on insulin, you should increase your insulin by 10-15% when you have a cold (if I remember correctly, you said that you haven’t started on insulin yet).

Here’s a recent blog post that I wrote on the topic!

thanks, It might be a few weeks before I talk to the doctor again about insulin. But I was considering posting and asking if other people have high blood sugars when they are sick.

reminder to diabetics to get their flu shots!

have some hot tea, and hot soup. I’d like some hot and sour soup right now myself! It’s cold here in NJ!

Mmm… yes I drink hot tea and hot broth (chicken, veggie, beef) in water and drink it like tea :slight_smile:

about BG… when I have infection my BG gets quite high… which I think is happening right now… I will switch my insulins tommorow (in case one of them is bad) and if this doesn’t help, then I know that I have an infection (I don’t feel sick at all)…

my blood sugars are crazy high when I am sick, also at that lovely time of the month they get pretty high