I had gestational diabetes

I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with my second child. This lead me to write a report on gd it’s title is Gestational Diabetic and Your Child. Release date is set for March 2008 in paperback and electronic format. There is a chapter on juvenile diabetes, and general diabetes including 75 new original recipes. Advance copies for reviews are available, preadvance orders are also available. 50% royalties will be donated to the Canadian and American Diabetes Association.

Hi! I had Gestational Diabetes with my second child too… but four months later it came back and the doctor’s told me that I wouldn’t become Diabetic until I was 40 yrs old. I wasn’t 40 yet I was only 22 yrs old… Now I have been Diabetic for 14 yrs… I’m glad for the pump though… I wished I had the signs for a high or low blood sugars… It’s scary…

Sorry to hear this I know how hard it is to live with diabetes since both of my parents well dad had it and mom has it. It runs in the family so I’m keep track of myself and my children on a monthly basis testing. Brianna

My oldest niece, who is now 26, had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her daughter 3 years ago. Her doctor put her on an oral medication (not sure which) but she had bad side effects (maybe it was metformin, since I’ve read it can have some unpleasant side effects) so she switched to an ultra low carb diet for the remainder of her pregnancy. My niece was overweight before she got pregnant, did not lose the baby weight and gained more in the almost 3 years since giving birth. I’m worried that soon I won’t be the only diabetic in my family. I know that if she & her husband decide to have another baby it will be even harder on her body.

I’ve read that X% of gestational diabetics later develop diabetes for good, usually Type 2, and I don’t want that to happen to her but she 's not interested in hearing lectures/advice.

I also had gestational diabetes (2002), was on insulin and then in 2005 developed type 2. Controlled by diet and exercise so far.

I became gestational during my second pregnancy. It was a hard blow, tried to control with diet but had to go on shots. Two a day. Had my son at 39 weeks and BS became normal again. At 12 weeks post pregnancy, I felt extremely tried and tested my BS on a whim. 694!! Went to my doctor who immediately got me in with an Endo and I was diagnosed Type 1. My son turns 1 next month and I call him my Sugar Baby! ha!

Hi Melanie and Tesney – hope you don’t mind my chiming in, as my situation is similar to yours. I had two children, one in '01 and one in '02. Had diet-controlled “gestational” diabetes both times (I say “gestational” in quotes because I think I was really in the process of coming down with regular diabetes). In the summer of '06 I felt lousy – thirsty all the time, having to pee a lot, losing weight, etc. Tested myself and I was over 500. My GP said I had Type 2 and put me on Metformin. I didn’t think that was going to cut the mustard, so I made an appointment with an endocrinologist and asked to be tested for C-peptides and GAD65 antibodies. The tests showed I had Type 1 diabetes.

Since then I’ve been on an MDI regimen with Lantus and Humalog, and I’ve managed to get in very good control. I’m also 39 weeks pregnant with #3, due July 8 (induction set for July 10). It’s amazing how much my insulin requirements have increased during the pregnancy; in some cases I’m bolusing 18 units or more of Humalog to cover a meal. I’m looking forward to going back to the usual amounts.

I too had gestational diabetes. almost 2 years ago. my Dr isnt sure if its T1 or T2 because I am only 21. when I was pregnant I had to diet and take insulin shots with every meal. I checked my sugar 6 times a day. now I was 1st given medformin but it did nothing but make me sick. my Dr took me off it and said we would be wasting time using pills and put me on insulin. right now I’m doing fine. I was diagnosed 2 months ago. after I had my daught I planned to have no more babies. I didnt want to deal with diabetes anymore. now that I have diabetes I’m really hesitant to have anymore. I’m in no hurry to have more babies, I love having just one little holy terror. shes a handful and I wouldnt have it any other way.

I have heard it said once that 60% of those with GD ultimately are diagnosed with T2 later in life.