I had my lowest low and I almost passed out

Tuesday morning was the first day since being at college that I had to change my site (I pump).
So my pump wasn’t working right. It kept “spitting” insulin out. And I mean the whole entire resevoir. I had to do it a couple of times before I was able to get my site on.
So I decided that I had to call minimed and talk with someone. So I’m on the phone with someone from minimed and all of a sudden I got really dizzy, and light headed. I decided to check my sugars and what do I find…35??? WHAT??? i HAVE never, in the almost 4 years I’ve had diabetes, been that low.
So at this point I interupt the man on the phone and I said "Right now my blood sugar is 35 mg/dl."
I was alone, as my roommate and my friends were in class.
The man from minimed said "I’m going to stay on the line with you until you have something."
So I had to walk down to the vending machiene and I got a coke. I had glucose tabs in my room, but I never even thought of taking them. So I go to my room and I couldn’t get back in right away, because I couldn’t work the lock. It took me a couple of tries. I really thought I was going to pass out.
I was able to get up to 67 in a couple of minutes and it took me 4 hours to get to 150 (a 20 oz. coke, a poptart and a bowl of cereal).
I was telling my friends about this later and they were like “Why didn’t you tell me?” and I said to them "Honestly guys, it never occured to me to call you. When I’m not that low I don’t think rationally."
I was just glad that a) I knew I needed sugar and b) being that low , I was able to work the vending machiene.
I don’t want to ever be that low again!!!

I can’t work locks either when low, or most anything. Once tried to make a phone call using the TV remote! Still get teased about that one.

Why did you want to get to 150?

Glad you’re ok.

I’m glad you ok…and I have to thank Gerri…I laughed so hard at your comment I had tears coming out of my eyes and my husband thought I had finally cracked. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time…That is something that I could so see my self doing

WOW! I am glad you are ok. 35 is pretty low. I don’t think I would be able to walk or work a lock. The mini med rep was awesome! I am glad he stayed on the phone with you.

How absolutely funny Gerri…I’ve used the phone to try and change the TV , and i was’nt even low or high…dduuuhhh But seriously Kiersten 35 is low. How scary for you. I am so glad you came out of it ok. And thats scary about your pump spitting insulin out. Did the issue get resolved? I’m on the MM722 and so far have had no problems… and i hope you never go that low again… It feels horrible Right? I’ve had few lows but they are by far what i fear most about diabetes… Please take care of yourself… I have a daughter in college and i miss her so much… Do your parents call aaaalll the time? God Bless


I feel better now knowing there’s someone else who does these things:)

It was great that the rep from MM stayed with you . I’m hoping that you now have something in your room like lifesavers or something like a small dorm refrig with cokes in it.

I have been to 35 a couple of times and let me tell you it is no fun. First time I was pregnant and I cried cause I could not get the food to my mouth I was shaking so hard. Another time I ate almost everything in the kitchen and could not stop myself. Just knew, “me need sugar”. LOL

I remember being in my english class a year ago, I swear the room’s temperature was raising, I started falling asleep then about a half hour later the class was over I was sweating so bad that I knew something was wrong so I practically ran down the stairs to the vending machine and got a package of snowballs. I remember stumbling my way to the student building and that’s when I felt normal. I checked my blood before I grabbed my lunch, It was 45.

lately, I have been working out a lot and I have noticed lows more frequently, not as bad as you but low enough to make me sweat and start loosing my ability to think straight. So now I keep food that will bring me back to normal within reach everywhere. I have jelly beans in every backup that I carry, I have apple juice boxes in my bedroom, the kind you dont have to refrigerate. I keep a coke in my office at all times, I really dont drink it but its my insurance. Its hot but the purpose of it is to bring me back as quickly as possible. School is very stressfull and that always impacts sugars. I know stress puts me all over the place, so some insurance is always good to have. Take care

I didn’t want to get to 150, that’s as high as I got 4 hours later.
Yes, I’ve been ok since then.
It was pretty scarry.
But…I haven’t recieved my placement pump yet?
I talk to my mom AND dad everyday.

Hey Kiersten - glad you managed to get your BG up. I know the other night I was about as low as you (2.1 mmol / l - 38 mg/dl) - but I always seem to manage to get things into me (DEX 4’s rule). I even managed to count out the correct amount of DEX 4’s - and then did the drink milk to get rid of the sugar off my teeth - then some almonds to further get rid of the sugar off my teeth. When I woke up at my usual time in the a.m. - I was 6.1 mmol /l - 110 mg/dl).
BTW, was your MM pump priming at the time it was emptying out your cartridge of insulin - and is that the reason for the pump replacement?

I don’t know what was happening to the pump.
I just called mm today and they are sending my pump tomorrow, as there was no order for it to be sent?
Anyways, I haven’t been low since thank gosh.