I hate it when I'm riding along and

I hit a wall of stank from skunk roadkill!!!

How about you, what do you dislike to happen when riding???

School buses sharing the shoulder with me. Or people honking at me when there is no shoulder.

Riding down a country road with no approaching traffic and car passes close to me

I hate hitting unseen ruts at 20 mph. Although on the same road last summer 3 coyote pups came bolting out of the grass and sprinted down the road right in front of me. Very cool.

Dead animals… ick!

Aholes who yell at me from their cars. and why do they always find me on the toughest climb of the day??

I really hate dump trucks. The drivers get paid by the load and won’t give a rider a break.

Aren’t you supposed to swallow the flies?


…riding through a swarm of gnats…you can’t see them until it is too late!

when cars are stopped at a light but one car is too close to the white line and will not let you pass.

I thought you weren’t supposed to pass cars at a stop?

So many already posted! The flys, the gnats, what about the BEES! They hurt when they don’t sting you! Now add a slight allergy and it’s not fun.

The other is multiple flats on the same ride. They can sure take the wind out of your sails quickly. But hey, the worse day riding is better than just about anything!

I hate it when someone passes me because I can’t seem to get my speed up. I have been riding in the 17s mph but others ride at 19 to 22 mph.