I ran over a bird! At 24mph!

I’m shocked I didn’t crash, honestly… I was riding 20 minutes before sunset tonight, I’m going down a slight downhill at a fairly good pace, and out runs a QUAIL! I ran it over squarely before I could even react… I was SO surprised! I thought it was actually a rabbit before I stopped and went back to check because I hit it on the ground… but nope, it was a bird!

Has anyone actually run OVER a bird? I figured at some point, just given how many there are around here, I was likely to have one run into me, but I never imagined I’d run one over… poor thing didn’t stand a chance :frowning:

Dinner! Just kidding. Good to hear you didn’t get hurt. If you had a real road bike like some people were suggesting (me) you may not have faired as well.

Never a bird but a rattlesnake in Spokane last year on the river trail We like you were coming down an incline and weren’t really paying attention to the trail which is actually paved. I think it was just sunning itself.

Ha, maybe! Funny thing is the more I ride the more I find myself wanting a road bike :slight_smile: I’m not unhappy with my hybrid, but I do think there will be a road bike in my future at some point.

My brother ran over a rat once, when we were teenagers - He felt very ill afterwards…