What is your strangest dismount of your MTB or road bike?

And by now you have guessed that I am going to try and claim the strangest one ever. I am the laughing stock amongst my cycling mates right now…so here is my story. Saturday morning the plan was to go to our local XC course on a few interlicked farms with the most awesome single track, nothing technical but it goes through a few smallish clumps of trees with some blind turns with no visibility ahead. The reason that you have to be careful is that it is also the return leg for the riders on there way home. It is the only area where we come back towards other riders, hence the need for care as the track is barely wide enough for one rider nevermind trying to pass each other. Suddenly out of nowhere I heard a sound that was “wrong”. The last thing I recall was two wild riderless horses bearing down on me…the next was my riding buddy telling me not to move as he checked for broken parts. Luckily for me I am only (very) bruised, but should be back on the bike by Tuesday.

Now may be a good time to armour up.

My wife had a better idea…stay away from the horses!