Hey everybody, I have a short but painful story I would like to share with you.

Today, I was riding my bike to the YMCA. I’m not actually a member, but its a good 5 miles there and back, and theres some pretty scenery. About a mile into my trip, A car was coming behind me a little too close for comfort, so I turn off the road and onto the sidewalk. I saw a bush hanging over the sidewalk a bit, but I figured I could just lean a little bit and it would just sweep past me.

That didn’t happen… It wasn’t an ordinary bush, it was a thorn bush. When I leaned, the bush caught my thumb and shorts and pulled me and my bike into its thronyness. I untangle myself and get back onto the sidewalk. I had thorns everywhere! my hand is torn up, my leg has little dots of blood all over it, and 5 hours later, I’m still pulling thorns out of my hair. The only good news, is that I was wearing long sleeves.

I turn around to go home, but my front brake somehow had a thorn in it, making it rub. and my front tire had a leak in it from all the thorns that got stuck in it. I finally managed to get the thorn out with the arm of my glasses. and I got to ride home with a bloody hand and a flat tire… What a lovely day!

yeah, but given the choice between pavement and thorns, Pavement is the lesser of 2 evils

Eh, sounds like my luck…

A while back i was riding to a friends house (4ish miles away) and there were some kids rollerbladeing in the middle of the road… i figure i can just go off the road into the grass and be fine. Didn’t think about the 5inch drop on the side of the road. Got off of the road fine, didn’t even lose any speed… passed the kids, then went to get back ON the road. front tire hit the curb, back tired ends up on the pavement somehow, and then, of course, i fall and slide a good 5 feet on my knee and elbow (no pads. Not smart enough for that. Lol), then my bike catches up to me and hits me in the back.

The end was funny though. I just got up, got back on my bike, and rode away. The kids were behind me screaming “Do it again!!”. I was smiling while my knee was bleeding a trail of blood on the pavement. Ironic, huh? Needless to say my friend’s mom freaked out and pug what seemed like every piece of gauze pad in the world on my knee.

Was a fun day though :smiley: Got a new iPod later on. Lol.