I Have Just Learned Of Some Upsetting News

Now I guess your insulin pump must broken and five years old before you can get it replaced. I was looking at getting a tandem tslim when my 5 years was up. I guess I might as well forget about it as my medtronic pump isn’t in any disrepair. I am so upset right now. I was really planning on getting a tslim pump. Does anyone know if they will have an upgrade program with Tandem? I live in Canada.

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Best to call Tandem directly to check.
US $999 trade-in ends June 30, 2020.


Not sure if above is US specific.

You might check with Tandem. I seem to remember someone else running into that in Canada and they still had to pay for the upgrade, but it was a lot cheaper than actually buying a whole new pump. But they might have had supplemental insurance too or it varied the province? There was something else involved with it.

But maybe Tandem will know?

Does anyone know T tandem’s Canadian phone number. The only number I have found was tech support.

Broken doesn’t necessarily mean not working. From my experience, a small hairline crack in the pump is considered broken. I would bet by year five you can find a small crack.

I would ask for the definition of broken. I always go with cracked on my upgrades.


Found this on tandem website.


Tandem Diabetes Care
675 Cochrane Drive
East Tower, 6th Floor, Room 611
Markham Ontario, L3R 0B81
(833) 509-3598

Although link to site listed didn’t work for me.

And I agree with @Jim26, sticky buttons, scratchy screen, unreadable screen, etc are often acceptable reasons.


That email didn’t work for me either. They have a phone number on their facebook page. I am going to call it on Monday to see if they have an upgrade program and what they can do for me. From what I read I won’t be able to get a new pump under the Assissted Devices Program in Ontario until my pump is five years old and broken and cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost. I would be better off to pay for the upgrade myself and then claim it at the end of the year. What a racket!!! This has got me very upset. Thanks for letting me vent.:weary::frowning::triumph:

Kate Stephen
Territory Manager

Liam Gerussi
Pump Therapy Sales Specialist - Canada
Phone: (833) 509-3598

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Oh boy, Dee. I told my cat about this. It drives him to drink. What a bummer situation.


:joy_cat: too funny

Thanks for giving me a laugh. We are probably going to just buy it outright. We can put it on our income tax at the end of the year and we will recover some of it back. I guess it was best I found out about this now rather than when I thought it was going to happen. Basal iq control isn’t approved in Canada anyways. I hope Tandem has an upgrade program. When I searched it, it said that it had expired. I am going to call them on Monday and see what they can do for me.


I was told last week that they no longer have the $999 early upgrade. Maybe its because I am on Medicare.

I don’t know but I am going to give them a call to see what they can do for me.

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I respectfully disagree. Ontario’s Assistive Devices Program is, like all government programs, taxpayer-funded, and I’m glad my government doesn’t waste my tax dollars buying every pump user a new pump every five years even when they’re in fine working order. Our pumps aren’t “free” just because we aren’t directly billed.

That said, I’ve heard from others that pump companies are usually happy to say that repairing a pump that’s out of warranty would cost more than a new pump. After all, it works in their favour to sell you a new one.


We will probably purchase it outright. We can gain some of the money back when we put it on our income tax return. It might take a while but it will happen. I would love for my pump to talk to my cgm. I would love to be able to not have to worry about lows as much. I would say I spend just alot of time managing my diabetes so I stay healthy.

Thankyou! I’m in Australia where we don’t have a pump subsidy program, but do have free CGM for under 21s (and more recently anyone with a health care card).
I frequently see posts from people who change their CGM religiously every week because ‘it’s free’ instead of extending a working sensor. Or they don’t bother calling in faulty Dexcom sensors or transmitters, because the funding covers 5 transmitters and 14 boxes of sensors in a year ‘for free’ anyway and it’s not worth 5 minutes of their time to call the support line. Frittering away taxpayer money means the government can afford to subsidise fewer people…