Tandem Canada approved



I can’t wait to get my t-slim! Hope it is rolled out in Alberta soon!!!


I am the same way too @JuliaS8. I live in Ontario where we have a program for insulin pumps, I moved from Quebec a few years ago - due to this program (in Quebec you have to be under 18 for the pump program … and if you remain in Quebec past that age … you still have coverage … sadly … I only started pumping in my mid-40’s back in 2008, after over 40 years as a juice of life diabetic). When I got to Ontario, I wanted to give the Animas Vibe a try, since I pay out of pocket for Dexcom G4 … so sadly, 6 months later, learned that Animas was getting out of the pump business. So the ADP (Assistive Devices Program) allows the pump user to get a new pump every 5 years … but only if it needs replacing (alot of folks in Ontario think it’s when the warranty is over). I guess in my case, when I run out of insulin cartridge, battery caps, etc. (I have tonnes from US friends who went onto the t:slim after Animas stopped) … so I’m good to go for at least another 5 years or more. I do have the Omnipod to fall back on, but it’s more expensive to use then the tubed pumps (here in Ontario we get $2,400/year for supplies).

How does the pump program work in Alberta? Similar to Ontario? Hmmm, maybe I should move to Cold Lake … at least there is some good sailing there.


I’ve been using my Ping three years past warranty and it’s still working if you don’t count the fact that the battery comparment needs ot be duct-taped to stay functional and the screen is so dim it can’t be read in daylight. I thought my insurance through work covered only one pump, because it says “per lifetime”, but someone pointed out that this could mean the lifetime of the pump, not my lifetime. So I’m planning on getting the t:slim as soon as I can, as I think I’ve run my Ping into the ground. I would like to see the t:slim to make sure I can use it effectively before I make a final decision, since I’m legally blind and would hate to get a pump that’s difficult or impossible for me to use.


My understanding of the Alberta Pump Program is that you are eligible for a new pump every 5 years. The program includes all infusion sets and reservoirs. It is a fantastic program. So a move to Alberta might be a good thing @FatCatAnna!


Jen - Haha … and here I thought I was the only one who needs to go into a dark broom closet to read my Animas Vibe pump screen :joy: :rofl:

@JuliaS8 and @FatCatAnna - Alberta’s pump program does cover pumps (Medtronic and Omnipod) with replacement every 5 years, and as Julia also mentioned also all infusion sets and reservoirs. CGM’s are not covered.

The pump program also pays for 700 blood glucose strips every 3 months.


Definitely not. We had exactly the same issues as @Jen described although ours was the Ping and not the Vibe as you mention. I think Jen also has the Ping although I could be mistaken.
Super dim screen, cracked case (by the battery cover) and date/time was no longer persistent across battery changes.

Animas (at the time) said any one of those would be considered a warranty item and replaceable at no charge. However being outside the 4-year warranty period, we simply ran with it. At the point where the crack (by the battery cover) became large enough that we decided it needed to be duct taped, we make the decision to switch over to the Tandem t:slim X2.

I have heard multiple other people describe the same symptoms. I assume these are basically engineering defects for the same issues to occur in what would appear to be many different pumps.


Yep, this describes my pump perfectly, including the duct-taped battery compartment, for about the past 1.5 years. The glue underneath the arrow and OK buttons has also come loose, so I have that taped down as well.

It’s especially annoying becuase although it’s out of warranty, the pump itself is only 5.5 years old, because I got in the last year of my warranty.

It’s too bad that it has these issues. It seems to work fine otherwise.


Has there been any word on whether ADP will be covering the Tandem t-slim when it comes to Ontario?


ADP pays for devices listed in a document called the Product Manual. The most recent version (Nov. 16, 2018) does not list the t:slim, of course, but keep an eye on the ADP’s Product Manuals page to see when the “Product Manual – Insulin Pump and Supplies” is updated, or contact ADP directly (contact info at the bottom of the linked page).