I have to give up the MM Sensor due to irritations I think

Per my own decisions, I am going off the sensor system, at least until a new insertion set is made. The sensor itself which actually enters my tissue causes some intense inflammatory response, making the area extremely tender and when the sensor is removed, a very hard lump is left sub-cu, and stays for weeks.

I’m not too vain, but summer is coming, and legs completely ruined by the sensor are not on my bikini-agenda! :slight_smile: I liked the overall data, but I test plenty of times a day and am usually a mid-range 5 AiC, so it may not be critical to my treatment. I wondered if others have this sort of reaction? What about other sensor systems?

Thanks to all!

I was getting infections when I first started using it, but then I just made sure that I used alcohol wipes and covered it up with 2 IV3000 prep tapes and it seems to have helped. I hear they are coming out with new sensors though, so hopefully that will come soon! I don’t know when though, I’ve just heard some people mention that they heard.

I’ve had problems but I think it was from the adhesive needed to hold everything down rather than the sensor itself. Although I would frequently get a nasty rash the shape of the transmitter too even if I had something under it so I think I may be reacting to the plastic used in the transmitter.

I haven’t noticed lumps from the sensor itself but it does leave dark marks almost scarlike that take forever to heal.

I did recently trial the Dex 7plus and I was able to wear that sensor for 10 days whereas with Medtronic I’ve been lucky to get 5 before I have to pull it. I probably could have gone longer with the Dex but I was worried it was potentially getting ugly under there. It wasn’t.


Rumor is a new sensor with a much smaller introducer needle and a 90 dec. insertion angle but that continues to use the existing transmitter sometime this year pending FDA approval. And 6 day wear,