I-insulin | treatment of hypoglycemia

Hi guys I would like to share a news about a recent development done in the treatment of hypoglycemia a team of UCLA beginners has developed smart” insulin, they call it as known as I-insulin, which can prevent blood sugar levels from getting too low. The I-insulin lets glucose get into the cell but, controls the flow when the blood sugar is normal. This way you don’t have to monitor your blood sugar levels with a glucometer. So less chance of hypoglycemia.
This study is still in testing phase Source- https://www.myhealthyclick.com/smart-insulin-could-help-prevent-hypoglycemic-symptoms-in-diabetics/


Yeah hypoglycemia is not trivial. It’s caused by eating too little or taking too much insulin. Exercise also is mentioned. Natural remedies. Ok, cinnamon and chromium will both lower your blood sugar dramatically. Of course we have all tried this. Bitter melon too. Black currant oil. Grape seed extract. All very good. BUT, you must be aware that these things have blood sugar lowering effects, add that with insulin and you really don’t know how dramatic that effect will be. Throw low carb diets in there, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Especially if you have no one around to make sure you’re ok. Insulin needs to be adjusted. These plans need to be arranged with doctors, so that you’re not ‘guessing’ so to speak. I will mention one other thing that may help you adjust to the whole without insulin idea. The G.A.P.S. Diet is very effective. However, because of the insulin that diabetics take, the whole not eating refined sugars etc, should be taken with caution. You have to treat lows, and if that means having some lifesavers well it’s not gonna kill you but rather save you. Breaking the vicious cycle is a good book. Sally Fallon’s recipe book Nourishing Traditions is also very very good. These ideas and books have been very helpful to me in understanding how to go about this idea of not relying on insulin so much. The chromium bit, yeah it works but be careful, it might not work the way you want it too. Anyways best of luck, and I hope things work out for you.

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