Latest Endo Visit

So I went to the endo this week for a regular visit, and my A1c was really good for me, and he made a few adjustments to my targets (I just don’t feel like I need to factor in a correction to my bolus calculations if my bg is 120). He also looked at my feet (as usual) and doesn’t like the look of a callous, so I’m going to the foot doctor next week.

Anyway, I had this huge craving for a BigMac when I got in the car. I didn’t do it, even though my husband was texting me “You deserve it!!” - gee, I haven’t had a one in maybe 20 years.

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Congratulations! When I’m craving a burger, my latest indulgence is a Bacon Double Cheeseburger from Burger King. Only 27g of carb and 390 calories!

Great Marie! Congratulations. Do you give in sometimes and have a special treat?? :yum:

Go for the Big-mac, just a little more insulin, lol. Congrats on the the results.